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No Fooling

Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol

April has finally arrived and along with it, hopefully, more seasonable weather. March was a wet one and Burnside was one of the few places where you could find a bit of dry terrain. We snapped a few pics during a Sunday brunch session at the park last weekend. Check out some wet weather refugees on this week’s Foto-Friday after the turn. EPM “shamwow” Out!

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Don’t Mess with Texas

Embassy Skateboards @ Pier Park

Representing the fine state of Texas at this weekend’s Bifecta, was the crew from Embassy Skateboards. The Embassy roster reads like a veritable who’s-who in Texas skateboarding. Maybe you’ve heard of John Gibson, Ken Fillion, Todd Prince, Tory Chason and Lee Leal? If not, well, maybe this iconic pic by Bryce Knights might ring a bell. One of the great things about Texas skaters is that they let their skating do the talking. So without further delay, check out Priscilla, Ken and Gary getting it done after the turn. EPM “Phillips 66” Out!

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Just Build It!

Skater Built Bowls

The heat has subsided a bit here in Portland so it’s time to get back to work on all those backyard skate projects. Here’s a quick list of some local Northwest backyard projects that have appeared here on Earth Patrol that you might find inspiring. There’s nothing like designing, building and skating your own creations. EPM “sticking the shovel in” out.

Bowls Above the Radar

Membership Has Its Privileges

Tobin and MC - Concrete Cleanup @ MC’s

With bowl ownership comes respect and responsibility, just ask Tobin and MC as they cleanup residual concrete from MC’s bowl pour. Check out more pics of Tobin (a.k.a. The Flash) and MC keeping it clean after the turn.

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Aged Like Cheese

Oregon Trifecta - Battle Ground

Well, we are finally getting around to posting the Battle Ground stop of last year’s Oregon Trifecta. If you remember, the event started at Battle Ground and finished in Tobin’s Bowl due to rain. Out of the chaos came some of the best skating of the three day event. Check out the massive gallery of photos of all the action including some shots from Glenhaven. If you haven’t heard, this year’s Trifecta will include a considerably larger prize purse. Come and get it.

Calling All Concretins

Skidzilla in Oregon

Dave (a.k.a. Skidzilla) and Chad came out to Oregon for few days to skate some Northwest ‘crete. We managed to hit Tobin’s, Burnside, Pier Park, Glenhaven, Tigard, Donald and Newberg in our two half-days of skating. In addition to Burt Reynolds posing, Dave is an active Concretin back in his home state of Kentucky. Check out all the Skidzilla action after the turn.

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Take Cover!

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 3 - Daniel Cardone

We are going under cover for this week’s Monday Cover action. This is Daniel Cardone demolishing Tobin’s bowl during the final stop of this year’s Trifecta. Daniel was energized by the killer environs along with everyone in attendance. Viva Tobin’s!

Congratulations Daniel.

A Movie but No Popcorn

Zane - Rocking the tunes @ Pier Park

We have a little something extra for you on this Foto-Friday. What is it, you ask? Well, in addition to the usual photos, we also have a video from last week’s Pier Park celebration; music soundtrack supplied by Black Francis. Here are the links to the video sized to match your internet connection speed, so choose wisely:

  • Large for fast connections
  • Medium for not so fast connections
  • Small for the slow but sure folks

Now that you have watched the action in motion, check out some pics of Andy, Chris, Grover, Kevin, MC, Mike, Rocco, Thomas and Xavier after the turn…..

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Cones on a Wall

West Linn Park Slalom

It’s a wrap. The second annual West Linn Park Slalom is in the books and we have a few pictures from a great day of fun. Hats off to Tom Inouye and Mike Estes for once again hosting the event. See more pics and some prose after the turn ….

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Irrigon Goes On-line

Cement Head @ Irrigon

Sometimes it’s like a bad 70’s wine commercial around here with respect to getting the story out. Something like we will show no photos before their time. Well the time has come to liberate a few photos from the opening weekend at the Irrigon Skatepark.

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