Rain Abatement Program

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Fall has arrived and along with it, some of that wet stuff. Fortunately a few folks have prepared for just such an emergency. Check out a recent session at, what we will call, the Nine-Nine Bowl. See all the radical action after the turn…. EPM Out!

Click on the pics for a larger view.

MC - FS Air @ Nine-Nine Bowl

MC enjoying FS air under shelter

Phil - FS Air @ Nine-Nine Bowl

Phil releasing early on a FS air

Eric - Pivot to Fakie @ Nine-Nine Bowl

Eric getting his pivot to fakie dialed-in

MC - BS Grind on Hip 2 @ Nine-Nine Bowl

A little BS hip grind action by MC

Phil - Invert @ Nine-Nine Bowl

Phil on invert re-entry

MC - BS Grind on Hip @ Nine-Nine Bowl

Another one of MC giving the hip some love

Phil - BS Carve Grind @ Nine-Nine Bowl

Phil keeps on truckin’

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