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Save Big Johns Skate Project

Save Big Johns Skate Project

It’s time for a bit of skate community solidarity. The Big Johns Skate Project needs your support. Sign the petition in support of preserving the spot. CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN THE PETITION. EPM “Skate and Create” Out!

Ready Player One

Tired of the social media barrage? Tired of the onslaught of information bubbles filled with “alternative facts”? Well, here’s a bit of an alternative site. Welcome to the EPM OASIS, a refuge for skateboarding, music, art and science. Checkout a slice of the EPM OASIS after the turn. EPM “Ernest Cline” Out!

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Christian Fitness – The Kid is not Alt-Right


Oh, the puns keep coming, and thankfully, Andrew Falkous keeps making music. His current one man band effort, Christian Fitness, is very enjoyable. You might know Andrew from some of his other musical endeavors, Mclusky and/or Future of the Left. Of course, we’re huge fans of those bands as well. Hop on over to Bandcamp and get yourself some Christian Fitness. Video links for your enjoyment after the turn. EPM “making the annual post” out!

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The Pulsars and Black Marble


A couple of bands you may or may not have discovered but well worth a few minutes of your auditory attention. First up and now defunct, The Pulsars, a Chicago based sibling duo, Dave and Harry Trumfio have a sound that appeals to our upbeat robot sensibilities. Next up, is Brooklyn, NY’s Black Marble. Their sound sets squarely at the nexus of Joy Division, OMD and early Depeche Mode. Perfect for those darker days heading into the winter months. Listen up after the turn. EPM Tuning In….

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Smart Cops – F’ck Yeah

YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol - Smart Cops

First post of 2015 and it’s a YouTube Tuesday on a Monday. Punk rock all the way. Check out the Smart Cops and their musical offering after the turn.

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May the 4th be in Your Shoes

Tony Alva and Steve Van Doren - Vans/Star Wars Collab Promo on Earth Patrol

A wookie on a skateboard. Skate legends in 70’s retro skate garb. Spicoli, Chewbacca, Tony Alva, Jawa, Steve Van Doren, and Storm Troopers on crowd patrol. All of these elements come together in the promo for the latest Vans/Star Wars collaboration. Check it after the turn. EPM “heading into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters” Out!

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Straight Up Ripping

Unheard Invitational II - Bacon Skateboards Video

The second, hopefully annual, Unheard Invitational is in the books. Who won? Everyone that skated and had a great time, that’s who. Need proof? Well, check it out after the turn courtesy of the Bacon crew. EPM “lip sizzlin’ shredding” Out!

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Learn to Skate with Omar at Pier Park

Omar Hassan at Pier Park - Skate Instruction

Talk about your random finds on the inter-webs. It seems there’s a YouTube channel by the name of SportskoolPlus dedicated to …

… fitness, yoga, exercise, sports instruction and coaching.

Who knew? There’s a nice piece on learning to skate featuring Omar Hassan in the mid-bowl at Pier Park. Sure wish they would have opted for the correct spelling when branding their channel though. Check it out after the turn. EPM “Remember kids, stay in school spelling counts” Out!

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Mr. Katen’s Class Rocks

Randy Katen's Generation X - The Interviews on Earth Patrol

Talk about your amazing class photos, check out Mr. Katen’s punks. Not too shabby huh? Wait, there’s more…. You can hear Mr. Katen speak with each and everyone of these punks on Generation X – The Interviews. So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner to head on over to the archives.

Listen to Randy Katen's Generation X - The Interviews on Earth Patrol

Speelies from his Speelycaptor

MC's Video Shorts over at Antigravity Press

Whoseits from his whatsits? Speelies, in this case, are MC’s video shorts and Speelycaptor, is the device he used to capture those videos. Confused? Well, a quick read of Neal Stephenson’s Anathem will help. In the meantime, check out MC’s Backyard Bowl build video short after the turn.

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