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Design It Yourself

Amoeba Bowl, Tristen's Spine Bowl. Nick's Halfpipe, MC's Bowl using Google SketchUp

Here’s something to help keep your skate brain entertained while you wait for that break in the weather. Why not design some sweet skate terrain. All you need is Google SketchUp, it’s free, along with a bit of an imagination. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy of SketchUp and get busy. Check out some of our handywork after the turn.

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Concrete Masters

Tristen's Bowl - Concrete Master

Without a doubt, Tristen and crew earned the title “Concrete Masters.” If you’ve mixed and hand-stacked bags of concrete, you know it’s a labor of love. It looks like the coping blocks are starting to creep around the lip in addition to some bowl art. Check it out for yourself over on Tristen’s Earth Patrol network gallery. Props to the artist and their spray can work as well.

Ever Evolving

Tristen’s DIY Combi-Bowl

It looks like Tristen and crew are making good progress on his combi-bowl while getting a few sessions in along the way. Hey, GVK, this looks like something you might want in your backyard. Check out more progress pics over on Tristen’s Earth Patrol Network page.

It’s My Game

Earth Patrol Network Videos

Summer is in full swing and Northwest skaters are doing their best to take advantage of the great weather. A few of our contributors on the Earth Patrol Network captured some of their sessions on video for your viewing pleasure. Check out the latest video contributions by Shawn, Casey and Tristen after the turn. EPM “no dipsy doodle dancing” Out!

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Just Build It!

Skater Built Bowls

The heat has subsided a bit here in Portland so it’s time to get back to work on all those backyard skate projects. Here’s a quick list of some local Northwest backyard projects that have appeared here on Earth Patrol that you might find inspiring. There’s nothing like designing, building and skating your own creations. EPM “sticking the shovel in” out.

Bowls Above the Radar

Spine Anatomy

Spine Pour @ Tristen’s Bowl

Tristen and his crew preform delicate surgical pours as they complete the spine on his bowl. It looks like there might be some quality control sessions going down in the very near future based on the progress in that first bowl. Check out more pics of the spine work and bowl over on Tristen’s Earth Patrol Network page.

Two of Eight

Two of Eight Corners @ Tristen’s Bowl

Tristen and crew are making good progress on their bowl. Two of the eight corner sections are poured and it’s looking good. Now here’s a challenge for the betting types: How many bags of concrete will Tristen use to build his creation? Anyone, anyone? Check out some more pics of this week’s corner pours over on Tristen’s Earth Patrol Network page.

Mixed and Stacked by Hand

First Pour @ Tristen’s Bowl

The first pours in Tristen’s bowl are complete. It took 6 hours of mixing and a total of 13 hours to get these three sections poured. That’s some pretty serious stoke to mix and hand stack a project of that size. Word has it that the corner pockets are due to be poured this weekend. Check out more pics of Tristen’s first pour over on the Earth Patrol Network.

Drain in the Sink

Work Progress @ Tristen’s Bowl

In addition to MC’s backyard project, Tristen has his own piece of grind in progress. When we last checked in, Tristen’s Sink bowl was just starting to take form with a top template and some initial digging. Since then, drains have been installed and the side walls are taking shape. Check out more of Tristen’s progress in his photo gallery on the Earth Patrol Network. OK, who’s next?

In Utero

In Utero Banner

It seems Oregon backyards are fertile with DIY bowls. Case in point, MC’s 3rd-trimester kidney and Tristen’s recently conceived spine bowl. MC is so giddy he had to run around his while his trusted pooch, Fiona, looks on. See more of MC’s and Tristen’s soon-to-be piece of grind after the turn.

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