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Burnside Goes to 21

Happy 21st B-Day Burnside - Art by Jaymeer

That’s one more. It’s radder. Get it? Think Spinal Tap on this 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the millennium. OK, so it’s a stretch but the pics from this year’s annual celebration at Burnside are ready for your review. Check them out after the turn. EPM “smelling the glove” Out!

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Burnside Showdown Weekend

Showdown on Sacred Ground @ Burnside July 2nd & 3rd, 2011

Skate, party and work. What more do you want? You can have it all, this weekend during the Showdown on Sacred Ground at Burnside. Saturday is all about skating and a fund raising party for the park. Sunday is all about “hair of the dog” and working on the park. Get all the details on the fliers after the turn. EPM “Skate Army Salute” Out!

Q-Man Photo: Credit – Dave Hupp

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Hupp’s Halloween at Burnside

Dave Hupp's Halloween at Burnside courtesy of Strangenotes

Coming in hot and ready for your review, Dave Hupp’s latest video creation via Strangenotes, Halloween at Burnside. Peep it after the turn. EPM “skate lingua franca” Out!

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Mr. Cotes Goes to Burnside

Burnside 20 Year Anniversary Video by Keith Cote

So you dorked it and managed to miss out on the 20-year celebration at Burnside. Well, turn that frown upside-down mister-man because K.C. captured a bit of it in HD. Check out all the costume saturated shredding after the turn. Also, thanks to everyone that put their time and effort into making this year’s celebration one of the best. EPM “begin video transmission” Out!

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Burnside Project, Smay and an Unknown Soldier

Cal Skate Relics - Burnside, Smay and an Unknown Soldier

It’s time, once again, for some back room artifacts a la Cal Skate. On this week’s edition of Cal Skate Relics, we dig into a little of Portland’s skate history that includes the Burnside Project, Jay “Smay” Williamson along with an unknown skate soldier. Help us out here. If you have a story or background information related to any of the images, we are all ears. All the eye candy after the turn.

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Buy Art, Support Burnside

Mixed Mania: Benefit for the Burnside Project - Portland, Oregon

Here’s your chance to buy some sweet art and, at the same time, support the Burnside Skatepark. Chip says “come on down to Nemo for a screamo good time.” We even contributed a few images for the cause. Check out a full flier, event details and our art submissions after the turn.

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Pier Park to Burnside

Pier Park to Burnside - Foto-Friday on EPM

This week’s Foto-Friday contains a few shots from last Saturday’s skate activities at Pier Park and Burnside. The weather was great and legions of skateboarders were out in force. Check out all the pics in the gallery. EPM off to dig and skate.

Pier Park to Burnside Gallery

Jaymeer-icals at Burnside

Burnside Skatepark

Each year, prior to the Halloween Burnside session, local Seattle/Portland artist Jaymeer turns the skatepark into his canvas. His Thrasher-like cover art on the bank wall is genius and is the backdrop for many of this week’s Foto-Friday shots. Check out all the shots after the turn including K.C.’s Burnside Halloween photos.

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Skate Parks in 3D: Burnside

Burnside in 3D

So what else did we do on our Buy Nothing, Skate Everything tour last weekend? That’s right, we took stereoscopic images of six of the nine parks visited. So if you know how to view stereoscopic images using the cross-eye method, proceed to a couple of 3D still-lifes of Burnside. For those that need help with the cross-eye technique, we found this site helpful: click here. Serenity now after the turn….

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23 Skidoo

Monday Cover Vol. 7 Issue 9 - Burnside Skatepark: 23 Years of Shred

This week’s Monday Cover is dedicated to the Burnside Skatepark and everyone that has made and continues to make it one of the best places on the planet to skate. Dare we say, Skate Mecca. Check out some of the shredding that went down during this year’s celebration after the turn. Interested in donating to the park, click this link to donate.

Congratulations Burnside!

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