Don’t Mess with Texas

Embassy Skateboards @ Pier Park

Representing the fine state of Texas at this weekend’s Bifecta, was the crew from Embassy Skateboards. The Embassy roster reads like a veritable who’s-who in Texas skateboarding. Maybe you’ve heard of John Gibson, Ken Fillion, Todd Prince, Tory Chason and Lee Leal? If not, well, maybe this iconic pic by Bryce Knights might ring a bell. One of the great things about Texas skaters is that they let their skating do the talking. So without further delay, check out Priscilla, Ken and Gary getting it done after the turn. EPM “Phillips 66” Out!

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What else is there to say?

Ken Fillion - Waiting on Deck @ Pier Park

Ken Fillion waiting to ride

Priscilla Lee - Wating on Deck @ Pier Park

Priscilla Lee taking in the action

Gary Morris - Frontside Air @ Pier Park

Gary airing it out

Ken Fillion - Tuck Knee Invert @ Pier Park

Ken with a trademark tuck-knee invert

Priscilla Lee - Frontside Grind @ Pier Park

Priscilla’s styling a frontside grind

Gary Morris - Flowing the Pipe @ Pier Park

Gary flowing the full pipe

Ken Fillion - Backside Air @ Pier Park

Ken, up, up and away

Priscilla Lee - Fakie Ollie @ Pier Park

Priscilla floating a fakie ollie in the deep

Dave Tobin and Lee Leal @ Pier Park

Dave Tobin and Lee Leal doin’ the skate man-hug thing

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