Irrigon Goes On-line

Cement Head @ Irrigon

Sometimes it’s like a bad 70’s wine commercial around here with respect to getting the story out. Something like we will show no photos before their time. Well the time has come to liberate a few photos from the opening weekend at the Irrigon Skatepark.

Irrigon Crowd

As far as skatepark openings go, the town of Irrigon did it right. A crowd of approximately 300 folks took in the festivities that included a park dedication, performances by local elementary kids, a product toss and some great skating.

School Kids Sing @ Irrrigon

The local school kids were totally stoked with their new park. So much so, they wrote and performed a song about skateboarding. In all the skatepark openings that we have been to, this was a first. Too bad Clay Wheels hadn’t arrived yet to give them a little instrumental backup.

Ditch Session @ Irrigon

Quickly following all the formal park dedication events came the shred-fest. Check out Danny, Lance, Jesse, Shawn, Chet, Tobin, Brogan and a few locals as they get their skate on.

Chet - FS Grind River Rock @ Irrigon

Chet inspecting the river rock corner leading into the capsule

Tobin - FS in Pipe @ Irrigon

Tobin showing his capsule style (note Road Rider patch – yeah!)

Danny - Invert @ Irrigon

Danny keeping his glasses on during this invert

Lance - FS 5-0 over Door @ Irrigon

Lance gettin’ into a FS 5-0 along the spectator lined doorway

Jesse - FS Rock-n-Roll @ Irrigon

Jesse putting the style into a FS rock on the extension

Shawn - FS Air off Extension @ Irrigon

Shawn flying high and far off the extension

Brogan - Layback Air @ Irrigon

Brogan with a hair flick layback FS air

Danny - FS Air Capsule Back @ Irrigon

Danny going big over the back of the capsule

Chet - Blunt Slide over Door @ Irrigon

We finish off the day with a blunt slide Chet style.

Lady on Bleacher @ Irrigon

Thanks Irrigon for a great day and let us know if she dropped in. – EPM Out!

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