Calling All Concretins

Skidzilla in Oregon

Dave (a.k.a. Skidzilla) and Chad came out to Oregon for few days to skate some Northwest ‘crete. We managed to hit Tobin’s, Burnside, Pier Park, Glenhaven, Tigard, Donald and Newberg in our two half-days of skating. In addition to Burt Reynolds posing, Dave is an active Concretin back in his home state of Kentucky. Check out all the Skidzilla action after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Dave - BS Carve @ Tobins

A good ol’ gnar welcome to Oregon at Tobins

Dave - BS 50-50 @ Tobins

Looking for the 50-50 in the shallow at Tobins

Dave - Carve into Deathbox @ Tobins

Death carve into the deathbox at Tobins

Dave - Rolling @ Burnside

Next stop Burnside

Dave - FS @ Burnside

The one and only Burnside wall

Dave and MC @ Burnside

MC and Dave working on blue steel

Chad, MC and Dave @ Burnside

Chad, MC and Dave ready for refreshments at Produce Row

Dave - FS Grind @ Pier Park

Getting serious at Pier Park

Dave - FS Grind @ Pier Park

Skidzilla leaving his mark at Pier Park

Dave - FS Grind @ Tigard

Skidzilla meets TRex at Tigard

Dave and Concretin TRex @ Tigard

A Concretin peace offering for TRex

Dave - BS Carve over Stairs @ Donald

No small feat, over the stairs at Donald

Dave - Pump Bump @ Donald

Bathing in the afterglow

Dave - Dropping Volcano @ Newberg

Skidzilla erupts from the volcano at Newberg

Dave - FS Grind @ Newberg

And that’s a wrap, Skidzilla grinds a bit of Newberg

Thanks Dave and Chad for the hospitality and hurry back. There’s a snake in Lincoln City that needs your attention.

For more coverage of Skidzilla’s adventures in Oregon check out: Antigravity Press, and Concretins.

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