Aged Like Cheese

Oregon Trifecta - Battle Ground

Well, we are finally getting around to posting the Battle Ground stop of last year’s Oregon Trifecta. If you remember, the event started at Battle Ground and finished in Tobin’s Bowl due to rain. Out of the chaos came some of the best skating of the three day event. Check out the massive gallery of photos of all the action including some shots from Glenhaven. If you haven’t heard, this year’s Trifecta will include a considerably larger prize purse. Come and get it.

3 Responses to “Aged Like Cheese”

  • Fun session where is my money I am owed $50$ for fourth place. It would not bother me if I did not have to pay an entry fee(like in years past) when I also along with may others did not get paid. Confirmed people who did not recieve the purse Salba Noho Grover. Unconfirmed everyone elese. Competency of money management at contest, on the beafort wind scale (0-1)

  • spelling error “beaufort” scale

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