A Movie but No Popcorn

Zane - Rocking the tunes @ Pier Park

We have a little something extra for you on this Foto-Friday. What is it, you ask? Well, in addition to the usual photos, we also have a video from last week’s Pier Park celebration; music soundtrack supplied by Black Francis. Here are the links to the video sized to match your internet connection speed, so choose wisely:

  • Large for fast connections
  • Medium for not so fast connections
  • Small for the slow but sure folks

Now that you have watched the action in motion, check out some pics of Andy, Chris, Grover, Kevin, MC, Mike, Rocco, Thomas and Xavier after the turn…..

Click on the pics for a larger view

Xavier - Crail Slide @ Pier Park

Xavier sticking the crail

Mike - BS Tail Stall @ Pier Park

Mike getting style points for this backside tail stall

Chris - FS Ollie @ Pier Park

Chris with a steep wall ollie

Rocco - Invert @ Pier Park

Rocco fine tuning his invert while Tobin, Bryce and MC look on

Thomas - BS Powerslide @ Pier Park

Thomas power sliding in the deep as the sun sets

Kevin - Hurricane @ Pier Park

Kevin channeling Groholski with a little hurricane action

MC - FS Air @ Pier Park

MC showing you why he rides Mr. Pointy

Andy - FS Tailslide @ Pier Park

Andy throwing down a frontside tailslide with a nice MC-like finger point

Grover - FS Ollie @ Pier Park

Grover grimicing through a fronstside ollie

Rocco - Andrecht @ Pier Park

Rocco adding the Andrecht to his bag of tricks

Thomas - 50-50 @ Pier Park

Thomas with a 50-50 where few have gone

Andy - FS Tailslide @ Pier Park

Andy focused on re-entry from the tailslide

Kevin - Ollie to Nose Something @ Pier Park

Kevin somewhere in an ollie to nose something

Grover - BS Air @ Pier Park

Grover focusing on his backside

Lage, Xavier and Friend @ Pier Park

Lage, Xavier and Friend(r-l) sporting their one year celebration shirts

Rocco - BS Smith @ Pier Park

By request, Rocco’s backside smith in the street area

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