Skate Fernhill


Fernhill park is one of the sites identified as part of the 2006 City of Portland’s 19 skatepark plan. A 10,000 square foot skatepark is planned for Fernhill; note this is roughly the same size as the existing Pier Park skatepark. A goal of this page is to revive/continue a dialog focused on the realization of the Fernhill Skatepark.


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Proposed Skatepark Location


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Help Us Spread the Word

Here are a couple of QR codes for use in digital as well as print media. Click on the link to display an image for the desired media type:

  • Digital Media Friendly: web-qrcode-skatefernhill-org.png (475×475 pixels)
  • Print Media Friendly: print-qrcode-skatefernhill-org.png (2510×2510 pixels)
  • What’s a QR code? It’s a nifty way for folks with mobile devices(i.e. smart phones) to find information related to the Fernhill Skatepark effort without having to type the URL. Apps like QR Scanner for the iPhone and QR Droid for Android devices have the ability to read QR codes.

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