Dr. K.’s Book Review: Misery Obscura

Dr. K's Book Review on Earth Patrol: Misery Obscura

It’s time, once again, for a visit from our resident book reviewer, Dr. Brad Krohn. Up for review is Misery Obscura, the Photography of Errie Von. Enjoy all the eclectic literary delvings after the turn.

Misery Obscura, The Photography of Errie Von

A friend and I were just agreeing the other day that before we had punk rock and skateboarding, we had Famous Monsters magazine. That said, Lodi New Jersey’s Eerie Von was Death Rock’s every kid and his new book “Misery Obscura” is crucial entertainment.

Born Eric Von Stellman and best friend of the Caiafa brothers (Jerry Only and Doyle of the Misfits), he was uniquely positioned as fan, photographer, and ultimately band member of his favorite group. His photos and essays vividly capture the personal /visionary world of Glen Danzig, The Misfits and Samhain. God, the Misfits were such posers- I love it! Glenn Danzig: “Shoot the first 3 songs because after that we all look like crap”, “don’t shoot the sound check- Doyle ‘s still wearing jeans!”, etc. Remember these were the kings of hardcore at the time.

Apparently when the Misfits arrived on the West Coast to play the first time, it was to Michael Ness’s dismay that they did not wake up every morning and get made up in their gear like he did. Only for the show. Even so, Doyle Caiafa has got to be one of the best looking punk rockers of all time. The level of originality in his physical transformation is right up there with Soo Catwoman. Time and place people- time and place.

The book even provides scattered details of the Misfits primitive (but highly effective) silkscreening techniques and principles of armband fabrication! Ultimately, Eerie Von’s book is loaded with a revealing, hilarious prose and photos of the early hardcore scene that are on par with Glen E. Friedman’s best punk shots.

Rating: Robot-clean

Reviewer: Brad Krohn 2009

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  • This book sounds like it might make a good gift for your favorite photography/hardcore fan.

  • When can I borrow this and the Adam Ant book.

  • I thought this may be of interest to you as a follow-up to your book review…

    Eerie Von to launch a pledge drive on Kickstarter for his “Misery Obscura: The ART and Photography of Eerie Von Event Tour.” The pledge drive officially begins March 9th, 2011, after a three day preview launch for fans. Kickstarter is a funding site powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method. Eerie’s project must be fully-funded by April 8, 2011, 9:00pm EDT or no money changes hands.

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