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DRW Bowl Update

DRW Bowl Addition Update

As promised, here are a few more pics of the progress being made on the DRW crew’s latest project. The word is it’s fast and fun. Depths range from 5 feet in the shallow to 6 feet in the deep. Check out all the pics after the turn.

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More DIY at DRW

DRW DIY Phase 2

It seems the bowl bug has bitten the DRW crew once again. Case in point, this partially completed sister bowl to the existing DRW bowl. Check out a few more pics of both bowls after the turn and stay tuned for more updates.

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Pool with a View

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 52 - Eric Burdick

Finding the line over the deathbox in the newly completed Sisters’ pool is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Eric Burdick. This pools is fun, fun, fun and the only seams you will find are the grout lines in the tile. The stained concrete and the tile covered vert make this pool a Central Oregon gem and Eric is taking full advantage. Check out few more pics of Eric finding his way about the pool after the turn.

Congratulations Eric!

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Just Build It!

Skater Built Bowls

The heat has subsided a bit here in Portland so it’s time to get back to work on all those backyard skate projects. Here’s a quick list of some local Northwest backyard projects that have appeared here on Earth Patrol that you might find inspiring. There’s nothing like designing, building and skating your own creations. EPM “sticking the shovel in” out.

Bowls Above the Radar

Shallow is Extinct

DRW Bowl Extension

The DRW bowl is an amazing backyard bowl but the locals weren’t satisfied. If you’ve skated with the DRW crew, you know how hard they hit this bowl including the non-stop sound of bone crushing grinds. So to up the ante, the crew added an escalating foot-and-a-half extension around the perimeter of the shallow. By the way, the shallow was in the neighborhood of 7 feet prior to the modification. Do the math, that’s 8 feet 6 inches of shallow. Check out Daniel, Chad, Eric and Bob as they take their maiden runs in the bowl.

The Dark Knight Skates

Monday Cover 49 - Batman

We have quite the treat for you this week. Our featured Monday Cover skater is none other than the dark knight himself, Batman. No jokers here just a big bag of skate tricks. See some more bat-fun after the turn….

Congratulations Batman!

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When Dogs Smile

Smiling Dog @ DRW Bowl

Why is this dog smiling you ask? We’re not sure but it might be that killer backyard bowls make dogs just as happy as humans. This week’s Foto-Friday session comes to you from the DRW Bowl; it’s big, fast and super fun. Check out all the shredding action by Dan, Chad, Eric, Jacob, Joy, Miles, Shawn and MC after the turn….

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Hip Bones

Monday Cover 46 - Shawn Reinert

We took a little trip over the weekend and look what happened. Shawn Reinert, this week’s Monday Cover skater, boned a sweet FS air over one of the hips of the DRW Bowl. This bowl is SICK!. Speed, speed and more speed can be had here. It’s amazing what a little collaboration between a math teacher and Dreamland can produce.

Congratulation Shawn and many thanks to the DRW crew for their hospitality.

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