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The Amazing Flying Kowalski

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 10 - Kevin Kowalski

Step right-up and behold, the Amazing Flying Kowalski. He floats. He spins. Come one, come all and experience this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski. See him tease a T-Rex with a bit of stalefish. Step inside and please, no flash photography.

Congratulations Kevin!

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Good Lip Hygiene

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 17 - Kevin Kowalski

Sweeping more than just the deck, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski gets extended at Matt’s bowl. Talk about amping the session, Kevin takes it to “11”. Check out more pics of Kevin holding it down for Team Lifeblood after the turn.

Congratulations Kevin!

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White Pants Coping Dance

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 7 - Kevin Kowalski

Skanking about the lip during last year’s Mono-fecta and holding it down for Lifeblood Skateboards, is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski. That’s one styling 5-0 to fakie into the depths of the square bowl at Pier Park. Check out more pics of Kevin shredding en sus pantalones blancos after the turn.

Congratulations Kevin!

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2011 Oregon Mono-Fecta Division Winners

It’s in the books, the first ever mono/uni-fecta and we have your division winners: Ladies – Lizzie Armanto, Masters – Lance Mountain and Pros – Kevin “everything to disaster” Kowalski. Check out larger pics after the turn. EPM “sticky soda sunshine saturated shredding” Out!

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Northwest Skate Nexus

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 38 - Kevin Kowalski

Oh yeah, that’s your X Games 16 Skateboard Park bronze medal winner and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski, mid-madonna at Lincoln City. Growing up skating some of the world’s best skate terrain has its benefits and Kevin takes full advantage. Welcome to the Northwest skate nexus, let the shredding begin. Check out more pics of Kevin including a sequence after the turn.

Congratulations Kevin!

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Seal Rock-in It at the X Games

Kevin Kowalski on Earth Patrol

Central Oregon coast local and heavy shredder, Kevin Kowalski, is in the mix at X Games XVI. Kevin qualified in the 3rd position for Sunday’s Skateboard Park Finals. So be sure to check it out and root-on Seal Rock, Oregon’s favorite skateboarding son. In the meantime, enjoy a few sequences of Kevin man-handling the Lincoln City snake run.

Sequences: Kevin Kowalski @ Lincoln City

Skater Dater – Session and a Movie

Bacon Skateboards - Unheard: 2010 Video Premier

Bring a date, your skate and Bacon Skateboards will provide the rest. This Friday, January 22nd at DoS from 7-8 p.m, show off your mad skating skills for your date; it’s free. At 8 p.m., the lights will dim for some snuggle up time along with some intimate shredding by the Bacon crew in their latest video release, Unheard. Don’t miss this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski, take on the saucer lip in Coos Bay. It’s out of this world! Check out all the details on the flier after the turn. EPM “social rendezvous confirmed” Out.

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Tango with a T-Rex

Oregon Bifecta 2009 - Tigard Results

Well, the first stop of this year’s Oregon Tri gone Bifecta is in the books and here is your list of best in show. It goes something like this: Ladies – Julie Kindstrand, Masters – Buck Smith, and Pros – Kevin Kowalski. The pro finals were off the hook and the skating was about as good as it gets. Also of note was the Master’s final with Buck and none other than Mr. Lance Mountain dooling it out for top honors. Check out a few pics of Kevin and Buck as they pay their respects to Tigard’s T-Rex after the turn. See you tomorrow and stay tuned.

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Flying the Saucer

Kowalski over the Saucer Lip @ Coos Bay

Just in from the Merde/Bacon crew tour along the Oregon coast. This is Kevin Kowalski carving over the saucer lip at Coos Bay Skatepark. Unless someone else is claiming, this is the first skater we know of to make the line. Thanks Colin for the photo and the heads-up. Check out a larger version of the pic after the turn.

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Virtuosos of the Corn

Pros - 2008 Trifecta - Battle Ground, WA

Better late than never. Closing out our 2008 Trifecta coverage is the Pro division of the final stop in Battle Ground, WA. The Bacon crew took the top three spots in a heated battle for Corn Cup supremacy. Congratulations Benji, Tim and Kevin, we’ll see you next year. Check out all the action from the Pro division in the gallery.

Pros @ Battle Ground – 2008 Trifecta

See the results after the turn.

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