Landslides, Snow, Detours and Tiny Dancer

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 8 - Randy Nugent

That’s what you had to overcome if you were going to skate at Windells this weekend. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Randy Nugent, passed the test and was rewarded with unfettered access to B.O.B. With a last name like Nugent, you have to be a survivor. Check out more pics of Randy during his skate free-for-all after the turn.

Congratulations Randy!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Randy - FS Rail Slide @ Windells

Frontside rail slide

Randy - Ollie @ Windells

Ollie up

Randy - Rail Slide @ Windells

Rail slide

Randy - FS Tuck Knee into Pit @ Windells

Huck-a-tuck into the pit

Randy - Nose Grind @ Windells

Full frame of cover

2 Responses to “Landslides, Snow, Detours and Tiny Dancer”

  • oh thats so sick thanks for taking pictures of me it was a blast! they turned out pretty good too. email me the next time you go to windells. see ya

  • Hey Randy…. these are AWESOME pics. Nicely done. As a friend, I think these are pretty cool… but as a parent, what you do would scare me silly. Doesn’t look like you have enough pads on … but hey… you must heal quickly. Most importantly…you look like you’re having a GREAT time. Sometime maybe I can watch you in person. Pretty cool to love a hobby so much!

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