Flying the Saucer

Kowalski over the Saucer Lip @ Coos Bay

Just in from the Merde/Bacon crew tour along the Oregon coast. This is Kevin Kowalski carving over the saucer lip at Coos Bay Skatepark. Unless someone else is claiming, this is the first skater we know of to make the line. Thanks Colin for the photo and the heads-up. Check out a larger version of the pic after the turn.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Kowalski over the Saucer Lip @ Coos Bay

8 Responses to “Flying the Saucer”

  • crap balls sans pads

  • Damn I wish I was there instead of digging in my backyard for 8 hours. Glad to see it was done. nice shot Colin. The word is it will be in Bacon’s next Video.

  • That was one of the funnest trips ever. There will be a short tour video that Merde will put out in a few weeks. It won’t include that, but you’ll see everyone having fun…

  • there is a sick sick sick amoeba pool in salem at the corner of silverton rd and joshua st. Big tranny deep, the shallow is rideable and the mid-pocket has a foot of vert and is 5 1/2 feet deep. There is 2 feet of water in the deep end and it is getting jack hammered out in about a week. It’s a barge, so it’s not for the meek. I wouldn’t normally post this on the internet but the homeowner is a dick so I am sending in the cavalry. Good luck and have fun.

  • Thats nuts!

  • No back side yet? Ummmmm……..
    Kowalski Kills.

  • Good god, man. He’s gotta be going mach-hyperbolillion. Fuck that’s rad.

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