The Amazing Flying Kowalski

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 10 - Kevin Kowalski

Step right-up and behold, the Amazing Flying Kowalski. He floats. He spins. Come one, come all and experience this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski. See him tease a T-Rex with a bit of stalefish. Step inside and please, no flash photography.

Congratulations Kevin!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Kevin Kowalski - Madonna @ Tigard


Kevin Kowalski - Indy @ Tigard

Indy under scrutiny

Kevin Kowalski - Body Jar @ Tigard

Body jar in traffic

Kevin Kowalski - Madonna Crail Grab @ Tigard

Madonna – crail grab

Kevin Kowalski - Rolling the Flats @ Tigard

Kevin rolling the flats

Kevin Kowalski - Stalefish @ Tigard

Full frame of the cover shot


Be sure to catch Kevin in the soon to be released Bacon video, Unheard. Check out the flier for dates, times and locations.

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