UFO Coverup?

Coos Bay Skatepark - Coos Bay, Oregon

What do you do with a crashed flying saucer? Well the folks of Coos Bay decided to use it as part of their skatepark. Let that be a warning to any other wayward saucer craft. If you crash, the people of earth will encase your vessels in skateable concrete. Now check out Skippy, Shelton, Zac, Stefan, Jeff, Scott, Matt, Grover and more getting their alien shred on in the gallery.

Coos Bay Skatepark – Opening Weekend

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6 Responses to “UFO Coverup?”

  • It’s beautiful that the skatepark spills over onto that tennis court.

  • You are in grave danger. The secret UFO cover up wasn’t supposed to be let out to the public. You better watch your back the Men In Black are on their way…LOL

  • Kudos on a great skatepark design…so that’s where the saucer is!
    Hoping your opening day is a grand success. Keep your cameras handy and watch the skies! Never know WHO just might stop by to join the fun! Might be looking for that saucer you folks are hiding!


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  • The whole park looks sick. The bowl seperate from the main part of the park interests me. The shape is cool, i like how it opens up in the shallow end.

  • Does anyone know if the Jeff doing the crail is OG Beaverton Jeff?

  • this park is awesome, I go everyday sometimes i just like to sit and watch the kids acturally mastermind the cradle.
    now, everyone rides it.

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