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BBQ at Matt’s Bowl

Matt’s BBQ Benefit

We’re on our way to Matt’s Bowl for some skating and BBQ action. Come on out and support the cause! Backyard bowls for everyone. All the details here.

Fellowship of the Bowl

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 20 - Brice Niebuhr

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Brice Niebuhr, lays down a styling frontside rock-n-roll board slide at Matt’s bowl. So smooth. Brice always takes the session to another level when he’s in the mix. Check out a few more pics of Brice getting it done after the turn.

Congratulations Brice!

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Good Lip Hygiene

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 17 - Kevin Kowalski

Sweeping more than just the deck, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski gets extended at Matt’s bowl. Talk about amping the session, Kevin takes it to “11”. Check out more pics of Kevin holding it down for Team Lifeblood after the turn.

Congratulations Kevin!

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Tail Block for Your Thoughts

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 10 - Chris Nukala

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Chris Nukala, garners “proper points” for this stylish frontside tail block at Matt’s bowl. Consistently tearing it up for Team Merde, Chris is always down for shredding the gnar. Check out more pics of the Nukes after the turn.

Congratulations Chris!

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Protex Blue

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 52 - Matt Kline

Stand up grinds with style for miles, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Matt Kline, has ’em on lock. A more humble man you will not find and his high-speed, take no prisoners assault on the coping is pure poetry. Check out a few more pics of Matt and friends shredding his bowl after the turn.

Congratulations Matt!

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Pure Mania

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 48 - Frank Shaw

If the music of the Vibrators were embodied in a skateboarder, we submit that this week’s Monday Cover skater, Frank Shaw, might be the result. Frank keeps it clean as he whips (and furs) about the bowl. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Now, head into the future and check out more pics of Frank giving Matt’s bowl a bad time.

Congratulations Frank!

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Shredding the Leopard

Shredding the Leopard @ Matt's Bowl

What to wear in the concrete jungle that is Matt’s bowl? Animal prints, of course. Be it a sweet pair of leopard knee pads or leopard spandex shorts, Happy and Dylan got their “Tarzan” on during last weekend’s session at Matt’s. Check out more leopard infused shredding after the turn. EPM “leopard-skin pillbox hat” Out

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Just Build It!

Skater Built Bowls

The heat has subsided a bit here in Portland so it’s time to get back to work on all those backyard skate projects. Here’s a quick list of some local Northwest backyard projects that have appeared here on Earth Patrol that you might find inspiring. There’s nothing like designing, building and skating your own creations. EPM “sticking the shovel in” out.

Bowls Above the Radar

Storm Before the Calm

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 24 - Shane Bell

The storm, in this case, is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Addikt Skateboard’s Shane Bell. Like a massive skate vortex, Shane cut a swath of complete and total devastation in Matt’s Bowl. That is before the rain set in and the storm, that is Shane, was sidelined by a broken ankle. Check out all the destruction after the turn.

Congratulations Shane and heal fast!

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Lawn Mower Obsolete

Matt’s Bowl Benefit and BBQ

Here’s a new twist on low maintenance lawns. Introducing the new never-mow backyard. Simply replace any grass/dirt surfaces with concrete skate terrain. That’s exactly where Matt is heading with his backyard. Last weekend was what we assume is the first annual, Bowl Benefit and BBQ at Matt’s. Check out some action from the session in the gallery. Matt would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the cause. Now go see if you can spot yourself somewhere in the mix.

Matt’s Bowl Benefit & BBQ

Newsflash: MC has some video as well over at Antigravity Press.