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Lincoln City – Julie, Buck and Bruno

Trifecta Update - Lincloln City

The Lincoln City stop of the 2008 Trifecta is in the bag. Top honors in each division included: Julie Kindstrand in the Ladies, Buck Smith in the Masters, and Bruno Passos in the Pro/Am. Check out the winners and more after the turn. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Lincoln City stop in future posts. EPM Out.

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Oregon Trifecta – Lincoln City

Trifecta 2007 - Lincoln City

So who is ready for some more Trifecta pictures? Well, ready or not, here are some pics from the Lincoln City stop of the 2007 Trifecta. Check out Amelia, Annie, Buck, Chaz, Doug, Duane, Eddie, Felicity, Glen, Holly, Jesse, Jodi, Jon Jon, Julie, Liz, Matt, MC, Nicole, Scott, Shane and Steve after the turn….

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Shane in Lincoln City

Shane Bell Banner

We managed to snap a few photos of Shane Bell skating the amoeba during this year’s Lincoln City stop of the Oregon Trifecta. On the following day at Pier Park, Shane was the first person ever to carve backside over the mouse hole in the full pipe. Talk about being super stoked. If that wasn’t enough, he just landed a board sponsorship with Cold War Skateboards. Way to go Shane. Check out the pictures after the turn…..

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Seasoned to Perfection

Monday Cover Vol. 7 Issue 2 - Mark Conahan

Rocking the shallow hip in the amoeba at Lincoln City, is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Mark Conahan. That’s one rough old cob; we’re talking about the pool. Although the surface is a bit weathered, this pool is still a blast to skate. Check out a few more pics of Mark sampling this tasty morsel after the turn.

Congratulations Mark!

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Blue Tile, Coping and Speed

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 24 - Jessica Starkweather

The 2011 Trifecta buzz has begun and Pier Park is back in the mix along with Lincoln City and a yet-to-be-determined third location(how about Burnside). That calls for a double trucker through the corner at Pier Park a la this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jessica Starkweather. Stoked! Check out more pics of Jessica shredding it up at the 2009 Pier Park Trifecta stop after the turn.

Congratulations Jessica!

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Two Skate Gems

Pier Park and Lincoln City : Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol

If you like to skate big concrete, be sure to put Pier Park and Lincoln City on your skate bucket list. Big, fast and fun are just a few words that come to mind when describing these Dreamland creations. Check out Julie, Mike, Shane, MC and more going big, riding fast and having fun after the turn. EPM “rain, rain, go away” Out!

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Come on Get Happy

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 22 - Jen Valenzuela

We sure could use some sunshine about these parts. Here to perk up your day is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jen Valenzuela, as she grinds it up at Lincoln City. Skating is about having fun and Jen seems to have that dialed-in based on the smiles. Check out more shots of Jen along with a bonus cover after the turn.

Congratulations Jen!

P.S.: Yeah, we know it’s Tuesday.

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It is a “Tuma”

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 15 - Eric "Tuma" Britton

References to Arnold Schwarzenegger dialog aside, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Eric “Tuma” Britton, has some sick-smooth style courtesy of his Venice, CA roots. Eric holds it down for Santa Monica Airlines with this floater off the hip at West Linn. Check out a few more pics of Eric getting a taste of the Northwest after the turn.

Congratulations Eric!

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He-Man’s Nemesis

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 4 - Danny Tumia

That’s right, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Danny Tumia, a.k.a Skeletor, uses his super skate powers as he 5-0’s the tombstone at Lincoln City. Stoke! Take that all you skate He-Men. Trading in his Seattle skate lair for updated digs here in Portland, Danny kills it. Check out more pics of Danny during the 2010 Oregon Trifecta after the turn.

Congratulations Danny!

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Volume Five is a Go!

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 1 - Donovan Rice

What time is it? Well, it’s time to begin another year of Monday Covers here on Earth Patrol. We start our fifth year of covers with our Monday Cover poster skater of sorts, Mr. Donovan Rice. This marks the fourth time that Donovan has snagged issue one, so to speak, and we are proud to continue the tradition. Check out more pics of Donovan styling about the lip after the turn.

Congratulations Donovan!

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