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Dew Tour Hijinks

Grover - AST Dew Tour

Wait for it, wait for it, …, OK – go!

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Random Dew’ds

Skate Legends at the Portland Dew Tour on Earth Patrol

One of the highlights of the Portland Dew Tour, in addition to a sweet concrete bowl, was the opportunity to see legends shredding the bowl. Maybe it’s time to bring back the Hester Series and let these dudes go at it again? Check out Lance, Duane, Salba, Cab, Tony Mag and more keeping the stoke after the turn. EPM “portland has bowls” Out!

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Dew Blood, Fuel!

Mason Merlino - Team Lifeblood @ Portland Dew Tour

Interested in a little 411 on Lifeblood Skateboards? Well, the folks over at Fuel TV took a trip to Unheard Skate Supply corporate HQ and Brooklyn Street Skate Spot in search of answers. Check out BK and the boys after the turn along with a full frame pic of Mason getting down during this year’s Portland Dew Tour. EPM “Johnny Turgesen ripping” Out!

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Oregon Trifecta 2011 on Earth Patrol

What time is it? Why it’s Dew-fecta time! Yep, it’s true, the Dew Tour and Oregon Trifecta have a love child and we’re calling it Dew-Fecta. Details related to the Dew Tour aspects of the event are a bit fuzzy but there’s no doubt that the Pier Park and West Linn stops will be full on skateboarding mayhem for the skate loving masses. Check out the flier after the turn. EPM “simply stoked” Out!

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7-Up at the Dew

7-Up at the Dew Tour on Earth Patrol

Here’s a bit of fisheye action from this year’s Dew Tour. Check out Andy, Bucky, Alex, Zach, Sandro, Rob and Rune during practice prior to the prelims. All the pics after the turn and stay tuned for more Dew-i-licious coverage.

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Done did the Dew

2008 AST Dew Tour

Long live skateboarding and long live vert ramp skating as well. That being said, check out a few pics from this year’s AST Dew Tour in Portland. It’s insane the amount of air these skaters are catching. Now if only we had an indoor vert ramp like that here in Portland. Anyone have a warehouse they might be willing to donate?

2008 AST Dew Tour

A Little Dew

2008 AST Dew Tour

The AST Dew Tour rolled through town last week and we caught some of the action. Check out few pics from the vert practice and qualifier sessions after the turn. Sure wish we had one of these vert ramps in our fine city.

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Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 42 - Lizzie Armanto

That’s one rad 5-0 to fakie in the corner courtesy of this week’s Monday Cover skater, Lizzie Armanto, during the 2011 Dew Tour stop in Portland. Lizzie shreds the gnar and she makes it look effortless. Style matters. Check out a few more pics of Lizzie taking it to the concrete after the turn. Cheers on the top 25 finish at Bondi as well.

Congratulations Lizzie!

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Yesterday is Gone …

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 18 - Steve Caballero

… and yet, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Caballero, is still shredding it up. That’s one smooth smith through the corner at last year’s Portland Dew Tour stop. Humble as they come, Cab is the consummate skate ambassador. Check out more pics of Steve taking care of business after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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A Skater By Any Other Name …

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 16 - Zion O'Friel

… would shred as sweet. Shakespeare anyone? This week’s Monday Cover, Zion O’Friel, the skater previously known as Michael, lofts a big ollie to tail smack in the Dew Tour bowl. Native to Northwest concrete, Zion is right at home when it comes to gnarly terrain. Check out more pics of Zion taking it to this little slice of utopian skate unity after the turn.

Congratulations Zion!

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