A Little Dew

2008 AST Dew Tour

The AST Dew Tour rolled through town last week and we caught some of the action. Check out few pics from the vert practice and qualifier sessions after the turn. Sure wish we had one of these vert ramps in our fine city.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Buster - FS RnR Slide @ AST Dew

Buster – Frontside RnR Slide

Alex - FS Air Tail Grab @ AST Dew

Alex – Tail Grab Frontside Air

Rob - Tail Rodeo @ AST Dew

Rob – Tail Grab Rodeo??? Maybe?

Sandro - FS Method Tweak @ AST Dew

Sandro – Tweaking Frontside Method?

Bob and Bucky - Talk Shop @ AST Dew

Bob and Bucky Talking Shop

Andy - Japan @ AST Dew

Andy – Japan in the Stratosphere

2 Responses to “A Little Dew”

  • Great shots! the lighting was tough in there. The vert comp was definately the high light for me. The dew tour is a bit corprate but the talent is deep. I just wish they would stop “filling up the seats so it looks full for the tv” crap. They didn’t open the upper level which was all GA seating until late. They wanted the lower seats filled, of which were mostly reserved, only 10% were GA. Didn’t make sense and had alot of people scratching their heads as to where they were supposed to sit.

    It was worth the confusion to see the sess on the vert ramp.

  • With all the new parks in town you’d think that Portland could find room for a vert ramp somewhere…

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