Beer Making meets Bowl Building

Water Level

One of the key steps in building a backyard bowl is leveling the bottom front of the top template all the way around the bowl. In lieu of spending considerable cash on buying/renting a self-leveling laser level, we opted for a low-tech but highly accurate solution, a water level.

Where does beer making come into play you ask? Well, all the parts needed to construct the water level were purchased at F.H. Steinbart. It’s the oldest wine and beer supply house in the United States and it’s located right here in Portland. So for about $30 in parts, you too can construct your very own water level for your long distance leveling needs. Check out more pics of MC using the level along with a parts list after the turn.

EPM, in the bowl but on the level.

Click on an image for a larger view.

MC - Calibrating the Water Level @ MC’s Bowl

Calibrating the water level with the help of Fiona

MC - Using Water Level @ MC’s Bowl

MC opens the stopcock and starts to level

Water Level Parts List

  • 1 Bucket with Lid – 5-7 Gallons with a small hole in the lid for normalizing the pressure
  • 1 Spigot – To be mounted near the bottom of the bucket
  • 1 Stopcock – Used to seal the end of the tubing while the level is not in use
  • A length of clear tubing – choose a diameter that fits your spigot and stopcock. Make sure to get enough tubing to easily reach from the bucket to any point along the top plate.
  • 2 Hose Clamps – Used to keep a tight fit between the hose and the spigot/stopcock
  • Some water

3 Responses to “Beer Making meets Bowl Building”

  • You may want to add a lid to that bucket. The system needs to be free of moisture evaporation to remain consistent.

  • Thanks Ryan. There’s a lid with a small hole on the bucket for normalizing pressure. I forgot to mention it in the parts list. My bad.

  • Have you conidered dyeing the water , I have found a cheap method for dyeing water is kool aid Minus the sugar.

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