7-Up at the Dew

7-Up at the Dew Tour on Earth Patrol

Here’s a bit of fisheye action from this year’s Dew Tour. Check out Andy, Bucky, Alex, Zach, Sandro, Rob and Rune during practice prior to the prelims. All the pics after the turn and stay tuned for more Dew-i-licious coverage.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Andy Macdonald - BS Rodeo @ Dew Tour Portland

Andy Macdonald

Bucky Lasek - FS Blunt @ Dew Tour Portland

Bucky Lasek

Alex Perelson - Indy Air @ Dew Tour Portland

Alex Perelson

Zach Miller - Boned Indy @ Dew Tour Portland

Zach Miller

Sandro Dias - 540 @ Dew Tour Portland

Sandro Dias

Rob Lorifice - Rodeo @ Dew Tour Portland

Rob Lorifice

Rune Glifberg - FS Ollie @ Dew Tour Portland

Rune Glifberg

Also, check out more coverge of the vert prelims over on the Allisports site.

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