Done did the Dew

2008 AST Dew Tour

Long live skateboarding and long live vert ramp skating as well. That being said, check out a few pics from this year’s AST Dew Tour in Portland. It’s insane the amount of air these skaters are catching. Now if only we had an indoor vert ramp like that here in Portland. Anyone have a warehouse they might be willing to donate?

2008 AST Dew Tour

5 Responses to “Done did the Dew”

  • I can’t even tell what tricks those guys are doing. It’s a completely different sport, er, activity when they’re on that big wooden half. That’s why it was so cool to see Andy Mac at Pier’s burly “neutral territory”. Agree with the guy’s image or business/sponsor choices or not, it showed what amazing skaters he and the rest of those “vert jock” guys are. Not ever having seen him not on a ramp, I have to admit that when he walked up to the bowl, I was wondering whether or not he was just going to go back and forth in the 11.5′. It was immediately evident that he was very comfortable in that pit/pipe and was going to kill every inch of it. Most impressive. Nice shots Rich.

  • I saw Andy Mac at Klamath Falls… no question that guy rips. super nice too.. just questionable sponsors.. although i guarantee he eats every day

  • Nice shots Rich. I like how you capture personalities as well as maneuvers. What is going on in the forth shot? Testing the water?

  • In the fourth image, Bob B. steps off parallel to the lip and slides down the ramp on his side to the flat. Sort of a Gene Kelly moment on the ramp.

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