Dew Tour Hijinks

Grover - AST Dew Tour

Wait for it, wait for it, …, OK – go!

Tim and Colin - iPhone @ Dew Tour

Tim and Colin are plugged-in. Here they make the calls to their Dew associate to send out the passes.

Tim, Colin and Grover - Entrance @ Dew Tour

It’s confirmed. We’re in.

Entrance Crowd @ Dew Tour

Fortunately we avoid having to stand in this rather large line of folks waiting to get their action sport fix.

Tim, Colin, Benji and Grover - Entrance @ Dew Tour

Excitment, concern and fear overtake Tim, Colin and Grover as we enter Dew’dom.

Grover and Colin - Ryan Love @ Dew Tour

Grover and Colin’s reservations quickly turn to hugs and kisses for the Prince of Street.

Grover and Paul @ Dew Tour

Wow, Paul Schmitt in the flesh. Things are looking up and Grover takes the opportunity to shake Paul’s hand. CreateASkate is super cool. Check it out.

Benji - Hi-Jump @ Dew Tour

Can you say “Fresh Park?” Well, maybe it’s not so fresh but Benji is always down to give back. Check out the old-school hi-jump over the rail in a plastic shopping bag shirt.

Colin - Hair Delima @ Dew Tour

With all the excitement, Colin finds himself in a delima. Should he spray color his hair or not?

Colin - Hair Color 1 @ Dew Tour

The pressure is too much and flashbacks of the Thompson Twins place Colin’s head squarely in the path of the fashionista’s spray can.

Colin - Hair Color 2 @ Dew Tour

How about a little green to go with that red?

Colin - Punk Head @ Dew Tour

Punk Head Lives! With Colin’s action sport hair in full-bloom, we head over to the street area.

Street Course Crowd @ Dew Tour

Lots of folks wait patiently for the onslaught of ollies and board flips. Where’s Grover?

Grover - VIP Photographer Section @ Dew Tour

It seems Grover found his way into the VIP photographer section. Let’s hear it for the stealthy big guy.

Street Practice @ Dew Tour

We join Grover in the photographer’s section and snap a quick pic of the practice session.

skate deck @ Dew Tour

A few minutes in the photo section and we shuffle off to check out some Dew Merch. For a paltry $80, you too can have your very own AST Dew skate deck. Are you kidding? $80???? That’s all we needed to vacate the premises and go skate the newly opened Vancouver skatepark. Thanks to Bacon Skateboards for the passes and an afternoon of distractions. EPM Out!

7 Responses to “Dew Tour Hijinks”

  • Dissin Freshpark? Whoa……just let me know when you guys have kids and can’t skate, you’ll all be begging me for a QP to borrow for the drive-way. Oh wait, you all have kids. My bad. What really sucks is the Dew Tour put the Freshpark on a the worst surface known to man, thanks DEW TOUR!

  • the photo of Grover kissing hot Sheckler is priceless, thanks for sharing. I watched the street at last year’s DEW tour and it sucked ass…drop in, flip trick, turn around, grind, turn around…etc. No flow, slow and boring to watch.

  • The only reason I was kissing scheckler was to try and woo onto coldwars steet team.

  • i like the cold war sticker on the 80$ dew deck

  • I think you meant paltry which means a meager amount. Poultry refers to domestic fowl.

  • Thanks for the edit and may your poultry never be paltry.

  • heyya like the hair !!! 😀

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