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Learn to Skate with Omar at Pier Park

Omar Hassan at Pier Park - Skate Instruction

Talk about your random finds on the inter-webs. It seems there’s a YouTube channel by the name of SportskoolPlus dedicated to …

… fitness, yoga, exercise, sports instruction and coaching.

Who knew? There’s a nice piece on learning to skate featuring Omar Hassan in the mid-bowl at Pier Park. Sure wish they would have opted for the correct spelling when branding their channel though. Check it out after the turn. EPM “Remember kids, stay in school spelling counts” Out!

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Fresno Pools to Pier Park or Bust

Fresno to Pier Park on Earth Patrol

Like the title says, we have some Fresno pool skating for you as well as some shredding at skate parks up the I-5 corridor, final destination Pier Park. KC and Lage were kind enough to share their videos over on the Earth Patrol Network of their backyard adventures and skate park exploits. Check out all the pool cancer, bloody and bruised skating after the turn. EPM “keep the coping dry, we don’t use that spray” Out!

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Pier Park Casual

Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol

Spring-like weather was in full force last Sunday and skaters flocked to Pier Park to enjoy the balmy conditions. Check out a few shots of folks soaking up the sunshine in this week’s Foto-Friday gallery. EPM “hoping for a repeat this weekend” Out!

Gallery: Pier Park

Pier Park to Burnside

Pier Park to Burnside - Foto-Friday on EPM

This week’s Foto-Friday contains a few shots from last Saturday’s skate activities at Pier Park and Burnside. The weather was great and legions of skateboarders were out in force. Check out all the pics in the gallery. EPM off to dig and skate.

Pier Park to Burnside Gallery

Pier Park is Two

Pier Park - 2nd Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of Pier Park’s opening and it looks like the weather is perfect for skating. So here’s to you Pier Park and all your concrete glory; cheers! Now check out some pics of MC getting some love from the park earlier this summer and then head on out and get some for yourself.

Thanks MC for the art as well as your skatepark advocacy.

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Pier Park Cleanup

Earth Day 2008

In celebration of Earth Day, we thought you might like to see some of the cleanup action at Pier Park last Saturday. The weather was perfect for the cleanup activities. Thanks to everyone that came out and helped. The park looks great. Check out some photos after the turn.

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Oregon Trifecta – Pier Park

Oregon Trifecta - Pier Park, Portland Oregon

Stop the presses! It’s time for our official Pier Park Oregon Trifecta post. There was so much Trifecta coverage during the summer, we decided hold-off until the dust settled. Well, it’s been six months and the dust is mud. Check out Rune, Benji, Sergie, Morgan, Packy, Salba, Duane, Charnosky, Jessica, Julie, Holly, Nolan, Jake, Patch, Beenie and many more in the gallery; see all 90 photos.

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Skate Parks in 3D: Pier Park

Skate Parks in 3D: Pier Park

Stop number five on our Buy Nothing, Skate Everything tour was at Pier Park. This park is so good. If you like it big, Pier Park is all you need. Now go get your 3D-pipe-gazing-session on after the turn….

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A Toast to Pier Park

Pier Park - Year 1 Banner

It’s official, as of today, Pier Park has been open for a year. Check out Thomas pasting the pipe as part of the one year celebration (Click on the pic for a larger view.)

Fernhill Skatepark Benefit at Extracto

Fernhill Skatepark Benefit @ Extracto Coffee House

When the going gets tough, well, the tough get going. It’s time to build more skateparks folks and here’s your opportunity to contribute and/or get involved. On Thursday, Oct. 4th, from 6-8pm come check out over 60 images for sale in support of the Fernhill Skatepark at Extracto Coffee House. Don’t fret, if you can’t make the opening, the art will be up all month and available for purchase. A mere $35 per print with all proceeds going directly to making Fernhill skatepark a reality. What a deal. Check out the flyer and all the images available for sale after the turn. EPM “less prisons, more skateparks” Out!

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