Concrete Masters

Tristen's Bowl - Concrete Master

Without a doubt, Tristen and crew earned the title “Concrete Masters.” If you’ve mixed and hand-stacked bags of concrete, you know it’s a labor of love. It looks like the coping blocks are starting to creep around the lip in addition to some bowl art. Check it out for yourself over on Tristen’s Earth Patrol network gallery. Props to the artist and their spray can work as well.

9 Responses to “Concrete Masters”

  • Thanks, It’s definitely a labor of love. I can’t wait till it’s all done. Although with this winter weather coming in, it might take awhile.

  • Getting close, looks great. That style is too wild for me though. Does it say Concrete wafers? Concrete Washers? Concrete Warfare?

  • Concrete wasters?

  • the bowl is rad. and i get to skate it hahahahahaha tristen your the man

  • So glad it wasn’t just me… I think the banjo covers up the first leg of the M, so it does kinda look like a W… But I didn’t want to point it out… That is a waste of concrete, just like a skateboard is a useless wooden toy. (Skateboarding is stoopit.)

  • Art is in the eye of the beholder….With that said I like his style or I wouldn’t of had him do it. I suppose you have a hard time reading any graffiti. I have seen a lot of graffiti that I can’t read but that clearly says Concrete Warfare. and yes I wasted 50 yards of concrete in my back yard just to ride my idiot stick in…what a waist

  • I was wondering how many yards you were into it at this point. 50 yards mixed and stacked by hand is insane. Concrete warfare indeed. Stoked!

  • omg that is the most awesome bowl i’ve ever seen built in someones backyard…….good job tristen! have u ever thought about building parks for a living? nice job! love the art work!!!!!

  • Nice bowl! Did you have to obtain a building permit to build in your backyard? How about Liability insurance? I would think you would need liability Ins specially if someone “jumped” the fence and rode the bowl while you are not at home. Nice Job!

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