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It seems Oregon backyards are fertile with DIY bowls. Case in point, MC’s 3rd-trimester kidney and Tristen’s recently conceived spine bowl. MC is so giddy he had to run around his while his trusted pooch, Fiona, looks on. See more of MC’s and Tristen’s soon-to-be piece of grind after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

MC - Kidney Rendering

Rendering of MC’s Kidney

MC - Proud Stance @ MC Bowl

MC doing the proud stance

MC - Vanna on the Hip @ MC Bowl

Vanna-like moves at the hip

MC - Run Bowl @ MC’s Bowl

Crazy for concrete

Tristen - Spine Bowl Rendering

Rendering of Tirsten’s Spine Bowl

View 1 - Tristen Bowl

Tristen’s – View 1

View 2 - Tristen Bowl

Tristen’s – View 2

View 3 - Tristen Bowl

Tristen’s – View 3

10 Responses to “In Utero”

  • This is very neat… A kidney pool and a spine pool in two different places and there in the peoples backyard which is good for them.

  • Where did you cop the renders?

  • I downloaded a copy of Googles SketchUp tool and made them.

  • That spine looks like it’s going to be teh sicknezz.

  • hell yea guys lookin sick mark!!!

  • kvon (and 5 other people) likes this!

    Tristen’s can be named “The Kitchen sink”. 😉

  • The kitchen sink huh, Not sure but that might just grow on me. Better that some of the other names I have heard. Kvon I think you just named my bowl. LOL

  • Hey MC, I feel I should warn you. The water is going to back up in your bowl. If you don’t have a place to pipe that drain. The thing to do is dig a basin with a float like in a toilet hooked to a pump that kicks on when the water hit’s a certain level. If you don’t do it now it’s going to be a headache in the future. Or it could be a fish pond. It’s a lot of work to build a bowl. I would hate for it to be full of water.

  • No doubt. Always heard tale of water’s ability to lift up an empty bowl. We lost one of our best local pools due to h2o buildup and winter freeze/thaw cycles.


    Now thats literally blowin out the spot.

    As Tristen said—I would seriously consider legging out the drain line to either a dry well or a small cistern with a sump pump. Bowl looks rad!

  • I thought cleaning my garage was a project! You guys got some great bowls going. Kitchen sink, that’s a good name. Those renders are cool.

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