Democracy in Action

Tigard Skatepark Opening

Late Thursday afternoon, Tigard officially dedicated the recently built Jim Griffith Memorial Skatepark. (Click on the pic above) The first thing we noticed as we entered the park was the absence of rule #3 from the park rules sign. Kudos to the City of Tigard for responding to public concern. A big shout out to our Constitution and our Democratic process. Now let’s get down to skating and celebrating those freedoms. Check out Rocco, Clay, Pat, Jack, Mark, Tevita, Shawn, Chad, MC and more after the turn….

Click on the pics for a larger view.

Clay - FS Ollie @ Tigard

Clay – FS Ollie

Chad - FS Air @ Tigard

Chad – FS Air

Mark - FS Boneless @ Tigard

Mark – FS Boneless

Shawn - BS Air over Dino @ Tigard

Shawn – BS Air over Dino

Tevita - Flowing Around @ Tigard

Tevita – Flowing Around

Jack - FS Disaster @ Tigard

Jack – FS Disaster

Rocco - Invert @ Tigard

Rocco – Invert

Mark - Boned Bowl Xfer @ Tigard

Mark – Boned Bowl Xfer

Pat - FS Grind @ Tigard

Pat – Stylin’ FS Grind

Shawn - FS Frigid Head @ Tigard

Shawn – FS Frigid Head

Rocco - Bowl Xfer @ Tigard

Rocco – Bowl Xfer

MC - Dino Shirt @ Tigard

MC – Dino Shirt

Shadows on Double Tranny @ Tigard

Shadows and Tranny

Skaters Waiting @ Tigard

Skaters Waiting

Clay - FS Grind @ Tigard

Clay – FS Grind

Tevita - Still Rolling @ Tigard

Tevita – Rolling

Clay - FS Bowl Xfer @ Tigard

Clay – Bowl Xfer

MC - Photo on Dino @ Tigard

MC – Comforting the Dino

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