Sixteen Skateparks in One Day

Sixteen Skatepark on the Sixteenth

Last Saturday was February 16th. What’s so special about February 16th, you ask? Well, it’s the day two skate crews, one in the Southwest and the other in the Northwest, attempted to skate 16 parks in a single day. Get the scoop on the Southwest crew’s adventures over at Old Man Army; it was their big idea.

The Northwest crew focused their efforts on skateparks in and around Portland, OR. It was an exhausting adventure for sure and the concept proved to be more romantic than the actual implementation. Come along on the sixteen park tour after the turn….

The tour consisted of five parks in Washington and eleven in Oregon for a total of 16 skateparks. We compressed the days activities into an eight page photo gallery for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the 12-minute tour of our 12-hour adventure; see if you can view them all in one setting.

The list of parks from start to finish:

  1. Burnside – Portland, OR (Start 7:15 am)
  2. Swift – Vancouver, WA
  3. Rolling Freedom – Woodland, WA
  4. Battle Ground – Battle Ground, WA
  5. Pacific Community Park– Vancouver, WA
  6. Gretchen Fraiser Neighborhood Park – Vancouver, WA
  7. Pier Park – St. Johns, OR
  8. Glenhaven – Portland, OR
  9. West Linn – West Linn, OR
  10. Holly Farm – Portland, OR
  11. Jim Griffith Memorial Skatepark – Tigard, OR
  12. Donald – Donald, OR
  13. Newberg – Newberg, OR
  14. Drew Gary Ottley Memorial Skatpark – McMinnville, OR
  15. Marion Square Park – Salem, OR
  16. Brian Haney Memorial Skatepark – Aumsville, OR (finish 7:15 pm)

Check out more coverage of the days events over at SnA and Antigravity Press.

Update: Great comprehensive post of the days activities over at Antigravity Press with some video by BK.

4 Responses to “Sixteen Skateparks in One Day”

  • Crazy, it took you guys 12 hours to do your tour and it took us 12 hours to do ours. We would have beaten you by one park if we hadn’t run into three that were closed. We made up for one of those by skating the BMX park in Chandler, which was actually much better than the park that was closed due to a few measly puddles.

    Looks like you guys had fun. I know we did.

  • Man……what a trip, where were all the invites? hint, hint

  • Way to go! We might do something like this soon… with a whopping 4 or 5 parks… I have serious park envy for both Phx and Portland. At least I have one killer park.

  • Great shots as usual, Rich. I clearly need to learn some new tricks.

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