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On June 1st, a park slalom event was held at the Aumsville skatepark as part of the Oregon State Games. The turn out was good and folks seemed to be enjoying themselves. Who would have thought a few plastic cones duct taped to the walls of a skatepark could be so much fun. Thanks to Pat and the other volunteers for putting on a great event.

For more pictures, links and race results, click on through to the other side…. Next stop on the park slalom tour is West Linn on June 23rd. Get all the details from our pals over at Skate and Annoy.

Pat and State Games Crew

Pat and State Games Crew – Registration and Timer Set Up

David and Dan - Course Setup

David and Dan – Course Setup

Park Slalom - Practice

Young racers scoping the lines.

Adam - Final Cone @ Aumsville

Adam charging around the final pocket cone.

Vanessa - Pocket Cone @ Aumsville

Vanessa stylin’ through the pocket.

David - Timer Wiring Cleanup @ Aumsville

David helping out with the timing cables.

Kid Division Medalists

Kid Division Medalists: Dylan, Adam and Brogan

Young Adult Medalists

Young Adult Division Medalists: Sasha and JP

Adult Division Medalists

Adult Division Medalists: David with all the medals. (Dan and Rich not pictured)

Sticker Toss @ Aumsville

A sticker toss and merch give-away to finish the festivities.

Park Slalom Results @ Aumsville

Final results for all participants.

Thanks to Paul Kays for the links to more photos and some video footage.

7 Responses to “Cones-n-Concrete”

  • That looks like a blast. Is it on for next year, or are there any similar events this summer? I’m definitely in.

    Doesn’t surprise me that that kid Brogan had the fastest time. I saw him at Battle Ground the next day and his speed and carve lines in the clover were most impressive.

  • Great coverage of the event! thanks for the pics.

    That was a real fun event and well run. electric timing was a big plus. The park slalom is great cause you average skater can just jump in and compete.

    Brogan was smoking that course. Adam was trying to catch the whole time. Great competition.

  • June 23rd at West Linn- Hosted by Tom Inouye and Mike Estes with Electronic Timing. We’ve already tested the system and its awesome.

    Registration is from 8-9 race starts at 9:15 Entry is $8 bucks. 2 Runs Best Time Counts…..I’m posting the flyer right now on See ya all there…….

  • This event will be held next year as part of the Oregon State Games.

    I had fun organizing the event (I compete in normal slalom) and I hope I can gain enough skill to do the park slalom next year. Maybe I’ll add a 50 year-old division so I have a chance….

    — Pat Chewning

  • Dang, i wish i could have been their! That looked like a blast! Well keep up the fun, later THRASHER

  • hey rich

    whats up hows everything going, how much are those shirts running for. oh also do u think u could send me like all the photos that u have of me i need them for one of the teams im on

  • This year, the Oregon State Games will not have park slalom (unless someone else organizes it). Instead, we will be having a slide competition and GS race at Mt Tabor Park in Portland.

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