Skate Parks in 3D: Burnside

Burnside in 3D

So what else did we do on our Buy Nothing, Skate Everything tour last weekend? That’s right, we took stereoscopic images of six of the nine parks visited. So if you know how to view stereoscopic images using the cross-eye method, proceed to a couple of 3D still-lifes of Burnside. For those that need help with the cross-eye technique, we found this site helpful: click here. Serenity now after the turn….

Click on the images for a full-size view.

Burnside 3D - Enter Park

Burnside: Entering the park from the North side

Burnside 3D - Looking East

Burnside: Standing on the decks, looking East

Stay tuned for Woodland, Battle Ground, Vancouver, Pier Park and Glenhaven

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  • Very cool. I have a viewer for 3D images from a photo book on the Civil War, but it doesn’t want to work with these Burnside pics. The image size is different. The cross-eyed method works fine, though. These stereoscopic shots were very popular during that era, and the war views really draw you in. This was very high-tech in the mid 19th century, and still amazing today.

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