Chicago Punks in Portland

Naked Raygun Deck

It’s time for another YouTube Tuesday and we are going to pelt your eyes and ears with none other than Chicago’s Naked Raygun. Come see them this Saturday, Dec. 1st at Dante’s. While you’re at it, buy their signature band board from Cold War skateboards and take it to the show. Get all the eye and ear candy after the turn….

If you don’t see video images in the boxes, click on the song names to play them.

Naked Raygun – Home

Naked Raygun – Vanilla Blue

Naked Raygun – Managua

Naked Raygun with Jake Burns – Suspect Devices

7 Responses to “Chicago Punks in Portland”

  • Cant wait party!

  • I was there at the Subterranean show and the Riot Fest show the next day. When Jake Burns came out to guest vocal on Suspect Device – that was amazing. Do you call it guest vocals when you are singing your own song and another band is covering it? I dunno. Anyway, that was an amazing moment for Raygun fans, as it must have been for the band itself. The only thing I can think of that would be comparable would be for Pete Shelly to step in on a Buzzcocks cover. Great stuff.

  • I’m fascinated by how they got jake to do that. Was he just coincidentally in town? Did they arrange it before hand or did he show up back stage and it was spur of the moment.. I am a geek.

  • 4 kilwag…..

    Jake just got married and move too Chicago… Eric Spicer caught up meet Jake just a few week’s prior to the performance @ a Buzzcocks show (Double door) in Chicago.. Ever since they have all been frnds hence the apearence @ RF 2006…..

    The new DVD “What Poor Gods We Do Make” documented the practice and the performance is on the DVD…. Check it out…

  • Rich, any pics from the show, playlists, or review?

  • Yep. Took lots of pics and will be posting all the goods later in the week. If you still want to see them live, they are playing in Eugene tonight. The show at Dante’s was excellent.

  • We were talking after the show with Eric Spicer and it came up and he told us the whole story about meeting Jake and setting up the guest vocals. Great thing was, Eric was like the biggest fanboy about it, he was floored to be able to meet Jake, etc..

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