Fly-Ins are In

Fly-Ins at Battle Ground

What’s a Fly-In? The opposite of a Fly-Out, of course. Check out some skaters getting some serious air as they ollie into the flow bowl at Battle Ground. At least two of these dudes are looking for fresh wood as a result of snapping their decks.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Dominic - Ollie In 2 @ Battle Ground

Dominic getting some hang time

Matt - Ollie In @ Battle Ground

Matt taking it over the edge

Skater - Ollie to Board Snap @ Battle Ground

One second to board snap

Skater - Ollie 180 from Deck @ Battle Ground

Ollie 180 into the abyss

Dominic - Ollie In @ Battle Ground

Dominic solid off the deck

Matt - Ollie In 2 @ Battle Ground

Matt created two, single truck decks as he landed this

Skater - Ollie 180 @ Battle Ground

Ollie 180 from below

7 Responses to “Fly-Ins are In”

  • There is this kid Nick, at Battle ground that early grabs off the bank into the trannie right there. I guess he’s done it into the deep end too.

  • I used to suggest in the forums that street skaters could do this instead of jumping down stairs and that way they could use bowls instead of building street parks. I got so much hostility.

  • Thats so tight man thanks for the pic!

    Stay Gnarly!

  • Something about ollieing into the flat on skatepark bowls leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Sure it takes some skill and balls to crack an ollie and take the big drop. Theres just something utterly repulsive about it. Almost seems like a way of showing off when you can’t really adapt to the terrain.
    Crack that ollie and land in the tranny…now were talking!
    Ollieing into the flat of skatepark bowls is the modern day equivalent to doing an andrecht in a parking lot. $.002

  • My son, Dominic, is in the first picture, I haven’t seen him in six month’s since he moved to Vancouver, Washington. Thanks!!!

    Proud DAD,


  • wahts up hella tight pix man im stoked im up on this
    stay gnarly

  • thanks for the pic the 180 looks huge!

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