Swami in the Pool

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 23 - Mike Swim

Today’s secret word kids is “epic.” Arrrrrgggghh! Yep, that’s Monday Cover skater, Mike Swim, snapping back a frontside on the side wall of, what we’ll call, the bamboo bowl. Check out more pics of Mike “charming the crap” out of this unique spot after the turn.

Congratulations Mike!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Mike Swim - Tail Stall Love Seat @ Bamboo Bowl

Mike stalling on the love seat

Mike Swim - Floating Over the Light @ Bamboo Bowl

Mike floating over the light

Mike Swim - Axle Stall Love Seat @ Bamboo Bowl

Axle stall on the love seat

Mike Swim - FS Air @ Bamboo Bowl

Frontside air on the face wall

Mike Swim - Boneless Love Seat @ Bamboo Bowl

Boning on the love seat

Mike Swim - FS Side Wall @ Bamboo Bowl

Another side wall snapback

Mike Swim - FS Slide Over Light @ Bamboo Bowl

Sliding over the light with ease

Mike Swim - Dropping the Seat @ Bamboo Bowl

Dropping the seat

Mike Swim - Face Wall Air @ Bamboo Bowl

Showing the face wall a little love

Mike Swim - Axle Stall Seat Corner @ Bamboo Bowl

Stalling the seat

Mike Swim - FS Snapback Side Wall @ Bamboo Bowl

Full frame of the cover shot

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