Here for Your Skate Soul – Glenhaven

Glenhaven Art - Jaymeer

Opening day at Glenhaven Skatepark was a great success. This park has something for everyone and based on the smiles, it was done right. Thanks again to the Dreamland crew for another skate gem. Check out some of the images from opening day after the turn.

Kevin - Stalefish @ Glenhaven

Kevin gettin’ stale

Molly and MC Strike a Pose

Molly and MC strike a pose

Marek - Feeble @ Glenhaven

Marek – Feeble in the deep

Wally - FS Grind @ Glenhaven

FS Grind – Wally style

Kyle - Thruster to Fakie @ Glenhaven

Kyle on the other side of the camera – Thruster to Fakie
Crowd and Skaters @ Glenhaven

Skaters and spectators enjoying the day

Tyler - FS Grind Nose Grab @ Glenhaven

Tyler (a.k.a. Junior) throwin down a stylin’ FS grind

Ben - Over Stairs @ Glenhaven

Ben over the stairs during an endless session

Chaz - Miller Flip @ Glenhaven

Chaz mid-Miller Flip or maybe frontside invert to revert?

Chris Nukala - BS Smith Over Stairs @ Glenhaven

Nukes shows us Mr. Smith over the stairs

Steev - FS Nosepick @ Glenhaven

Steev busts a FS nosepick on his plank of extended length

Thomas - BS 5-0 @ Glenhaven

Thomas finds a 5-0 waiting for him on top of the punk wall

Kevin - BS Air @ Glenhaven

Kevin was killin’ it – BS air in peanut

Marek - FS Disaster @ Glenhaven

Community patrol takes time to watch Marek skate

Matt - FS Disaster @ Glenhaven

Matt mastering the disaster

MC - Andrecht @ Glenhaven

MC finishing off the series with a stylin’ Andrecht

For more great shots of Glenhaven, check out Old School Skateboarding, Northwest Skater, Skaters for Portland Skateparks, and Steve Gump’s site.

Earth Patrol Out!

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