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Ramp-n-Rage NSA 1987

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate - Ramp-n-Rage Atlanta NSA 1987

Continuing southward from Louisville, we arrive in Atlanta, GA for the 1987 NSA Ramp-n-Range on this week’s Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. Yuri sure wishes he had a covered vert ramp like the one in the video to skate. Don’t you? Check out all the action after the turn and be sure to let Yuri know your top 5 picks along with best trick.

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From Shoe to Newgazing

Serena-Maneesh on Earth Patrol's YouTube Tuesday

So if you fancy yourself a shoegazer aficionado, this week’s YouTube Tuesday artist, Serena-Maneesh, should be high on your head-bobbing music list. Put these folks right next to the genre-defining band, My Bloody Valentine, in your, shoegazer turned newgazer, music collection. Now it’s time to strap on your shoes, fixate on your feet and head-bob your way through some lush sounds after the turn. EPM “time for some new kicks” Out!

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Lip Thermals

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 20 - Johnny Turgesen

What other explanation is there? It must be lip thermals. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Johnny Turgesen, gets a bit lofty with this ollie-to-fakie. Check out more pics of Johnny finding gravitational anomalies about Jack’s ramp after the turn.

Congratulations Johnny!

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Merde in Medford

Merde and Jack's Board House BBQ Medford Weekend

Mikey and the Merde crew took a little trip down to Medford for a little BBQ action with the folks at Jack’s Board House. Fortunately, the Merde media crew was along as well and captured a bit of the action in moving pictures. Check it out after the turn.

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More DIY at DRW

DRW DIY Phase 2

It seems the bowl bug has bitten the DRW crew once again. Case in point, this partially completed sister bowl to the existing DRW bowl. Check out a few more pics of both bowls after the turn and stay tuned for more updates.

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Blue Grass Aggression NSA 1988

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate - Louisville Blue Grass Aggression Session NSA 1988

Cue the banjos and mandolins as we head for a foggy mountain skate-down in Louisville, Kentucky circa 1988. It’s the NSA Blue Grass Aggression Session on this week’s Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. You know the routine. Check out all the action after the turn. EPM “scanning for Concretins in the crowd” Out!

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Die Antwoord is the Answer

Die Antwoord on Earth Patrol's YouTube Tuesday

Cape Town, South Africa is where you will find Die Antwoord. Hip-hop aboard this week’s YouTube Tuesday and tune into a Zef-rap spectacle. Check out a few videos after the turn and be sure to stop by the official Die Antwoord site for a listen to their latest album, $O$. EPM “space ninja” Out!

Word Alert: F-bomb infused lyrics abound

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Shove It!

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 19 - Brian Rensberry

There’s a new ramp in town and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Brian Rensberry, wasted no time destroying it. Figuratively, of course. What the heck is that move? Well, it’s a shove-it to nose slide on Jack’s ramp. Check out more pics of Brian doing Team Merde proud after the turn.

Congratulations Brian!

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Bob Andrews on Generation X

Bob Andrews on Generation X - March 21, 2010 5-7 PM PST

Check it out. This week’s guest on Randy Katen’s punk rock radio show, Generation X, is none other than Bob Andrews, guitarist of Generation X. How poetic is that? Be sure to tune in today from 5-7 pm PST on KBGA.

Listen to Generation X on KBGA, 5-7pm PST

Callin’ on Colin Meets Grover

Colin and Grover Skating Jack's Ramp

Not since Ali vs. Frazier has there been such a media spectacle. What is it you ask? Why it’s the verbal boxing match of sorts between Colin “Bacon” Sharp and Steve “GVK” Grover. Check out the blow-by-blow action today at 2 p.m. PST on PDX.FM’s radio show Callin’ On Colin. If for some reason, you’re out enjoying the spectacular weather rocking the Northwest and miss the broadcast, no worries, you can catch the show at your leisure after the turn. EPM “Radio Free Portland” Out!

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