Bob Andrews on Generation X

Bob Andrews on Generation X - March 21, 2010 5-7 PM PST

Check it out. This week’s guest on Randy Katen’s punk rock radio show, Generation X, is none other than Bob Andrews, guitarist of Generation X. How poetic is that? Be sure to tune in today from 5-7 pm PST on KBGA.

Listen to Generation X on KBGA, 5-7pm PST

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  • Generation X were better than they get credit for… Before Billy started wearing capes/cod pieces and “strutting/sneering”. Sadly- drugs and ego tore that band apart (why DOES that always happen) but they did record some gems… and if you look at it in the context of “time”… they may have been the first to blend “pop/punk” together. I am aware that they may NOT be your cup of tea… but admit it- they ARE better than Styx!

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