Shove It!

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 19 - Brian Rensberry

There’s a new ramp in town and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Brian Rensberry, wasted no time destroying it. Figuratively, of course. What the heck is that move? Well, it’s a shove-it to nose slide on Jack’s ramp. Check out more pics of Brian doing Team Merde proud after the turn.

Congratulations Brian!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Brain Rensberry - Back Tail @ Jack's Ramp

Back tail

Brian Rensberry - Blunt to Fakie @ Jack's Ramp

Blunt to Fakie

Brain Rensberry - 5-0 to Fakie @ Jack's Ramp

5-0 to Fakie

Brian Rensberry - Nolder Grind @ Jack's Ramp

B-Smith a.k.a. Nolder Grind

Brian Rensberry - B-tail @ Jack's Ramp

Back-tail in full bloom

Brian Rensberry - Shove It Nose Slide @ Jack's Ramp

Full frame of cover shot

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