Lip Thermals

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 20 - Johnny Turgesen

What other explanation is there? It must be lip thermals. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Johnny Turgesen, gets a bit lofty with this ollie-to-fakie. Check out more pics of Johnny finding gravitational anomalies about Jack’s ramp after the turn.

Congratulations Johnny!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Johnny Turgesen - FS Ollie @ Jack's Ramp

A big floater.

Johnny Turgesen - FS 5-0 @ Jack's Ramp

Pushing a frontside 5-0

Johnny Turgesen -  BS Ollie @ Jack's Ramp

Backside Ollie

Johnny Turgesen - Ollie to Fakie (alt. view) @ Jack's Ramp

Another angle of an ollie to fakie

Johnny Turgesen - Nolder/Losi Grind (aka Back Smith) @ Jack's Rampb

Nolder/Losi grind (aka Back Smith)

Johnny Turgesen - Front Tail @ Jack's Ramp

Front Tail

Johnny Turgesen - Lien to Tail @ Jack's Ramp

Lien to Tail

Johnny Turgesen - Ollie to Fakie @ Jack's Ramp

Full frame of cover shot

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