When Dogs Smile

Smiling Dog @ DRW Bowl

Why is this dog smiling you ask? We’re not sure but it might be that killer backyard bowls make dogs just as happy as humans. This week’s Foto-Friday session comes to you from the DRW Bowl; it’s big, fast and super fun. Check out all the shredding action by Dan, Chad, Eric, Jacob, Joy, Miles, Shawn and MC after the turn….

Click on the pics for a larger view.

DRW Bowl Perspective

A little perspective of this 10′ bowl

Dan - FS Smith @ DRW Bowl

Dan pushing a frontside smith around the pocket

Chad - FS Air over Hip @ DRW Bowl

Chad peering over his pads for the landing of this frontside air over the hip

Eric - Pivot to Fakie @ DRW Bowl

Eric showing his pivot to fakie style

Jacob - Madonna @ DRW Bowl

Jacob mid-Madonna in the deep

Shawn - FS Air over Pocket @ DRW Bowl

Shawn blasting a frontside air over the pocket

MC - FS Grind @ DRW Bowl

MC getting style points on this frontside grind

Joy - BS Carve @ DRW Bowl

Joy whipping through a pocket in the deep

Miles - Pumping @ DRW Bowl

Miles getting some help from dad

MC - FS Air @ DRW Bowl

MC airing it out

Dan - Salad Grind @ DRW Bowl

Dan with a salad grind around the pocket

Chad - FS Grind @ DRW Bowl

Chad follows up with a coping crushing frontside grind throught the pocket

Jacob - Lien to Tail @ DRW Bowl

Jacob re-entry on a lien to tail

Eric - FS Grind @ DRW Bowl

Eric with a frontside grind in the 7′ deep shallow

Skater - BS Smith @ DRW Bowl

Here’s some more shallow end play a la backside smith

Shawn - Dog Sniff @ DRW Bowl

Shawn makes friends with one of the canine kind

MC - Andrecht @ DRW Bowl

MC topping off the day with an Andrecht of course

Thanks again to the DRW crew for the good times and we’ll see you soon.

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