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Take Me to the River – Part Two

Cal Skate Relics for December 3, 2009 - Waterfront Park Contest

First order of business, a big thanks to Tyler and Damon at Cal Skate for keeping the images flowing for what we call, Cal Skate Relics. This week, we head back down to Waterfront Park for a street style contest, circa 1986. Check out a sea-of-skate-humanity after the turn. Credit: all photos courtesy of Richard Lancefield by way of his son Christopher Lancefield.

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Pre-Reagan Youth

Cal Skate Relics for November 25, 2009

It’s time, once again, for some Cal Skate Relics. This week’s batch of photo’s look to have been taken prior to the Reagan presidency (circa 1980). Just like always, any help identifying the skaters, locations, dates, photographers, etc… is greatly appreciated. EPM “Looking for a tryptophan fix” Out!

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Terrain Diversity

Cal Skate Relics - Random Terrain

Pipe? Yep. Park? Uh huh. Ramp? You bet. Ditch? Affirmative. Street? Duh! The only terrain missing from this week’s Cal Skate Relics is a backyard pool. Once again, we’re looking for a little help identifying who, when and where with respect to each of the photos. Now click on through to the other side; skate sleuths are a go.

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Mt. Tabor Street Contest

Cal Skate Relics - Mt. Tabor Street Ramp Contest 1985

On this week’s Cal Skate Relics, we rewind to 1985 and one of the many skate contests that found solace in the friendly confines of our finest urban cinder cone, Mt. Tabor. Check out all the mid-80’s action along with some period appropriate Cal Skate contest t-shirts after the turn. Also, don’t forget that every Wednesday, weather permitting, Mt. Tabor is open for your speed run pleasure. Now go get some.

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Take Me to the River

Take Me to the River - Cal Skate Relics

The launch ramp madness continues on this week’s installment of Cal Skate Relics. The boys down at the shop uncovered a few photos from an 80’s Waterfront Park street contest. Once again, we’re looking for help identifying these shredders of yore. You know the drill, all the shots after the turn. EPM “Sporting some bat print Jimmy-Z baggy pants” Out!

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Launch Ramp Revival

Launch Ramp Revival - Cal Skate Relics

Spinning the retro vibe for your launch ramp edification, you’re tuned into Cal Skate Relics. Help us identify this week’s skaters along with any self-incriminating stories. Check out all the sinew busting action after the turn.

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Burnside Project, Smay and an Unknown Soldier

Cal Skate Relics - Burnside, Smay and an Unknown Soldier

It’s time, once again, for some back room artifacts a la Cal Skate. On this week’s edition of Cal Skate Relics, we dig into a little of Portland’s skate history that includes the Burnside Project, Jay “Smay” Williamson along with an unknown skate soldier. Help us out here. If you have a story or background information related to any of the images, we are all ears. All the eye candy after the turn.

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Cab, Steadham and Mystery Men

Cal Skate Relics - October 14, 2009

Pith helmet secure? Good. Because it’s time, once again, to delve into some Cal Skate Relics. This week’s offerings include more pics of Cab and his griptape art, some Steadham stills and three yet-to-be-identified mystery skaters. Check out all 12 exhibits after the turn. What’s the word skate nerds?

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Raiders of the Lost Skate Art

Cal Skate Relics for Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So it seems Damon and Tyler, Cal Skate employees extraordinaire, have went all “Indiana Jones” and uncovered some great skate artifacts tucked away at the shop. The bulk of which are photos that have not seen the light of day for possibly decades. So it’s with great pleasure that we kick-off a weekly feature devoted to sharing their discoveries in what we are calling Cal Skate Relics. Check out this week’s relic after the turn. EPM “hat and whip in tow” Out!

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