Pre-Reagan Youth

Cal Skate Relics for November 25, 2009

It’s time, once again, for some Cal Skate Relics. This week’s batch of photo’s look to have been taken prior to the Reagan presidency (circa 1980). Just like always, any help identifying the skaters, locations, dates, photographers, etc… is greatly appreciated. EPM “Looking for a tryptophan fix” Out!

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Rolling In - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 1: Rolling the lip in the banked slalom run at the old Kennewick Park

Backside Tailblock - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 2: Backside tail-block in the banked slalom run at the old Kennewick Park

Backside Carve - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 3: Backside carve

Frontside Grind - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 4: Frontside grind: Brian Zipper, early 80’s Cal Skate manager

Backside Air - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 5: Backside air

Frontside in a half-pipe - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 6: Frontside in a half-pipe

Frontside Grind Extension - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 7: Frontside grinding some vert: Jay “Smay” Williamson

Carving Wood Bowl - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 8: Carving a wood bowl

Invert - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 9: Invert

6 Responses to “Pre-Reagan Youth”

  • #1,2 – The banked slalom run at the old Kennewick Park. Don’t know who the skater is.

    #3 – The 16′ keyhole (5′ vert) at the old Kennewick park. That bowl was a rush—we should dig her out! Unknown skater.

    #4 – Brian Zipper. Early 80’s Cal Skate manager.

    #6 – Young Smay.

    No idea on the rest of em. What happened to #5 and #7?

    The FDA has determined that Tryptophan is a hazardous substance. Now go get some—Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Thanks for the catch Reese, post now displays all the photos correctly. That Kennewick bowl looks like a lot of fun. I’m in to help dig. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well.

  • That handplant (exhibit 9) is at Larry Desanno at his ramp. That’s MC with the Krypto board behind him. I can’t remember him doing inverts so low though.

  • One Guy in exhibit 9 is so tough he skates with on knee pad.

  • #4 zipper, i took the pic too, even still have the steve olson santa cruise, custom grip tape, in the back ground,yo zipper, call me 503-430-6969 lyle

    #5 brian hamilton, mark spooners half pipe, cooper mnt. aloha, i took that 1 too!

    were i can post some old pics? please let me know! thanks

  • Skater in Exhibit #1, #2 & #3 is Paul Curtis at the Kennewick Skatepark from photos I took from our trip in 1978.

    B. Long

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