Launch Ramp Revival

Launch Ramp Revival - Cal Skate Relics

Spinning the retro vibe for your launch ramp edification, you’re tuned into Cal Skate Relics. Help us identify this week’s skaters along with any self-incriminating stories. Check out all the sinew busting action after the turn.

Exhibit 1 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 1 – Craig Strayer – Mute

Exhibit 2 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 2 – Nick Clark – Frontside Air

Exhibit 3 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 3 – Cab bones a frontside air

Exhibit 4 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 4 – Bill Reese – Backside 360

Exhibit 5 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 5 – Bill Reese – Method

Exhibit 6 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 6 – Tyrone Talbert – Tweaked Mute

Exhibit 7 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 7 – Tyrone Talbert – Backside Air

Exhibit 8 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 8 – Tyrone Talbert – Method

Exhibit 9 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 9 – Tyrone Talbert – Backside Air

Exhibit 10 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 10 – Tyrone Talbert – Method

Exhibit 11 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 11 – Tyrone Talbert – Mute

Exhibit 12 - Launch Ramp - Cal Skate Relics

Exhibit 12 – Adam Musekant – Frigid

16 Responses to “Launch Ramp Revival”

  • Exhibit 12-

    I think his name is Adam Musenkant (sp?). Him and Sarge were the best in Ptown back in the day in my opinion.

    I think the dude with the gloves is Tyrone?

    Any Cal Skate Relic photos of the contests at the waterfront stage?
    Anyone remember chasing the skinhead who bashed the windows out of the car obstacle? Or the dude who jumped into the river in the middle of his run?

  • I’ll have to run these names by Paul…He couldn’t remember any of these cats names!
    Oh, yes! we have plenty of the waterfront contest photos as well. Maybe we’ll do some of those next week!

  • Some more goodness. Lots of incriminating stories but I’ll keep it short…

    #2 – The mayors son, Nick Clark.

    #3 – Jeff Montiejo, Rebel Skates teamrider and former Cal Skate employee.

    #6 thru 11 – Tyrone Talbert, Rebel Skates teamrider and Alva flowrider. The Sarge was definitely the best mid 80s PTown skater but Tyrone was close on his heels. First guy I ever saw ollie over a picnic table.

    #12 – Adam Musekant – Cal Skate teamrider.

    #1, 4 , 5 – The names escape me but they were locals at Rebel.

    Looking forward to the Waterfront Park contest pics. Lots of epic skating and one of the gnarliest bonebreaks that I’ve ever seen on the main jump ramp. Had Howard Weiner (on the mic) and 500+ people speechless and gasping for composure.

    Also, I’m the one who launched the jumpramp over the seawall in to the Willamette. Just wanted to break up the seriousness of the contest a bit…My only regret is losing an original issue SMA Natas. Turns out skateboards don’t float…

  • “Tyrone Talbert … First guy I ever saw ollie over a picnic table.”

    I remember my brother telling me about Tyrone: “He can ollie onto a picnic table.” The feat was superhuman, unbelievable. The story, nay the myth, nay the legend stuck in my head. And now here we are twenty (?) years later with a confirmation. So rad.


  • Give me a break Junior. I’m buddies with Nick and Tyrone and i know who Adam Muzikant is for christ’s sake. Now that guy is a scientific PhD. on the east coast I believe. Adam was definitely like an old school Pro, but Tyrone was truly one of the greatest. Once I saw him frontside ollie to tail on the cement garbage cans at Grant HS circa 87. Don’t tell me I can’t remember, you guys thought Tyrone was Tommy Guerrero – LOL.
    Nick is still out there shredding. We owe everything to that guy, first Portland skater with heavy government connections.

    Mega PROPS to Reese for busting out with the info. I was just a little kid when these pictures were taken.

  • Is that chapman schoolyard? I do remember seeing a few skate jams back in the day there, with the old caddilac fins in action. seems it was rebel turf then ,but what do i know, i was just a kid then .great memories.

  • The dude in exhibit #3 in this post is also the dude in this prior Cal Skate Relic post (see exhibits 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12) identified as Cab. The guy sure has Cab-like style and is sporting Cab period appropriate attire. So is that Jeff Montiejo as well? And the jury says……?

  • I’m claiming Montiejo. He had LA roots so he definitely was into the whole mid 80s Cali /Venice Beach thing when it was hyped—But I’m certainly willing to admit that 25 years can compromise a memory.

    As for the rest of the mystery pics—

    #1 – Craig Strayer. Rebel local–from Beaverton if memory serves.

    #4 &5 – Can’t believe I missed this but both shots are of me. It was a seriously weird period of my life where I was in and out of a treatment center and halfway house. I cut my hair trying to look good for the judge. As I’m on lockdown, I’m riding on a borrowed board.This was at a small schoolyard in NE Portland, the name escapes me.

  • paul says irvington

  • dude, exhibit 3 is CAB!


  • check the first and second relics posts…you can match up the nikes the stickers on the board, and the track in the background!

  • Junior’s right—it is Cab. The stickers on the board are identical. Good eyes…

  • This is some good stuff. It’s Irvington Grade School under the covered basketball courts. Tyrone had the best Ollie skill in Portland, period. And billy had the most shredding style, vert and street. Good times were had by all.

  • Man take me back. Coming from the burbs – boming downtown from 21st to the waterfront. Working the benches and the destinct sound of 97a’s sliding the bricks downtown. Ollies from the top step at the stage in Tom McCall Park and rolling to 2nd and Couch. Then finding the dead homeless guy behind the dumpster by the store on the corner of 3rd. Halfpipes all over the city. Yeah like to see the kids now ollie onto a picnic table with the old gear. Good times man…

  • Was reminiscing about the good old days in Portland, OR, which is how I ended up on this page. It’s amazing how many memories this page brings back. I thought I forgot most of my skateboarding days in Portland, but it’s all coming back now. I knew most of these guys and skateboarded a lot with Tyrone. We went to Junior High and High School together or rather, skipped a lot of Junior High and High School together. Yeah, I know the guy pretty well…well enough to tell you which of the jump ramp launches he landed and which he bailed! I wonder what the hell he is doing now…Strayer too! I’m in San Francisco, where I’ve lived for the past 14 years, fathering a 3 year old. Man they sure have built a lot of skate parks. I’ll have my boy ripping soon…


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