Terrain Diversity

Cal Skate Relics - Random Terrain

Pipe? Yep. Park? Uh huh. Ramp? You bet. Ditch? Affirmative. Street? Duh! The only terrain missing from this week’s Cal Skate Relics is a backyard pool. Once again, we’re looking for a little help identifying who, when and where with respect to each of the photos. Now click on through to the other side; skate sleuths are a go.

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Full Pipe

Exhibit 1: Full pipe action

FS Air - Ramp

Exhibit 2: Frontside air on a ramp

Kick-turn in a Reservoir

Exhibit 3: Kick-turn in a reservoir

Kick-turn in a Park

Exhibit 4: Kick-turn in a park

Street Slalom 1

Exhibit 5: Slalom in the streets

Street Slalom 2

Exhibit 6: More cone wiggling action

5 Responses to “Terrain Diversity”

  • I think that’s Paul Cross on Ron Fuji’s ramp. Those slalom shots are Mt Tabor and from the photos, I’m pretty sure that dude is circumcised.

  • Exhibit one: Definitely Baldy pipe.
    Rat Town, wow! That is what we called Sadlands back around 1976
    I would like to know who that guy is, because no one really knew about the Baldy pipeline back then.

  • I don’t think that is Baldy, the clickout is way too big.

  • Skater in Exhibit #1 & 4 is Mike Michaud and I believe both photos were taken in Colorado.

  • I was informed about this page from a good friend of mine in Portand Oregon.

    I’m the skater in the full-pipe and skatepark. The shots are 1978 date.

    I’m originally from Portland and was part of the underground skate team called B&M Skates based in Lake Oswego. We rode pools and walls the most as there were no skateparks in Portland back then. Now there’s so many. Your so lucky.

    Those skate locations in the photos above are in Aurora Colorado when I spent a year there. The full-pipe is at Cherry Creek water reservoir. The pipe is about 13 feet in diameter or so. A little tight but still quite rideable especially for smaller skaters. The park shot was at the first original Colorado skatepark in Aurora called the Concrete Wave. That park half-pipe was nice but again, it would have been better a little bigger.

    I quit skating in 1979 and starting surfing. The shot of Kick-turn in a reservoir above is at Mt. Tabor. Back then the Washington Park two reservoirs were drained for maintenance and we skated the hell out of those at night under the lights all summer long. The Washington Park reservoirs were radical high speed wall carving. That was the best time partying then going skating at the reservoir at night under the lights.

    I just start skating again a year ago with my son. My son can do the vertical drop-in skating and can surf now.

    Its a surprise to see these photos and they bring back good memories. I do remember CalSkate shop. Is it still there? That’s where I bought my skate gear.

    Thanks and Aloha to whoever posted this.

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