Mt. Tabor Street Contest

Cal Skate Relics - Mt. Tabor Street Ramp Contest 1985

On this week’s Cal Skate Relics, we rewind to 1985 and one of the many skate contests that found solace in the friendly confines of our finest urban cinder cone, Mt. Tabor. Check out all the mid-80’s action along with some period appropriate Cal Skate contest t-shirts after the turn. Also, don’t forget that every Wednesday, weather permitting, Mt. Tabor is open for your speed run pleasure. Now go get some.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Frontside Launch @ Mt. Tabor

Exhibit 1: Frontside Launch

Frontside Lap Over @ Mt. Tabor

Exhibit 2: Frontside Lap Over

Sweeper @ Mt. Tabor

Exhibit 3: Sweeper

Layback Air Bail @ Mt. Tabor

Exhibit 4: Layback Air Bail

Backside Feeble @ Mt. Tabor

Exhibit 5: Backside Feeble

Frontside Boneless @ Mt. Tabor

Exhibit 6: Frontside Boneless

Cal Skate Contest T-Shirts

Exhibit 7: Cal Skate Contest T-Shirts

Cal Skate Contest Shirt - Circa 1977

Exhibit 8: Cal Skate Contest Shirt – Circa 1977

Cal Skate Contest Shirt - Circa 1985

Exhibit 9: Cal Skate Contest Shirt – Circa 1985

Cal Skate Contest Shirt - Circa 1986

Exhibit 10: Cal Skate Contest Shirt – Circa 1986

2 Responses to “Mt. Tabor Street Contest”

  • Exhibit 5. Probably not a feeble grind. They were to come years later.
    Gotta love that skating pvc coping with copers on your trucks.

  • Exhibits 2 and 3 are me. I’m Geoff Gunderson. I thought I remembered this event as more of a demo than a contest, but it was the first event we did as Rebel Skates team. The Land Cruiser in that background in the background of some of the pics was my dad’s, and he shuttled everyone up to the top for bomb runs all day. That Land Cruiser is parked in front of my house now. Also, I still have that t-shirt from the ’85 Waterfront Park contest. Cheers!! G

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