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Pier Review

Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol: Pier Park

Hey, it’s Friday and the weather is looking like it might hold for tomorrow’s Pier Park session with Swami. If you’re looking for some serious deep bowl shredding, Pier Park is the spot. Check out this week’s Foto-Friday featuring a bit of shredding by Benji, Ty, Adam, Swami and more after the turn. EPM “tubeaway army” Out!

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Pier Review

Concrete Serenity - Pier Park

It’s that time of the year where a little visual motivation helps minimize the impacts of winter. Check out a few pics, including a couple 3D images, of the concrete serenity that is Pier Park after the turn. EPM “cross eyed for daze” Out!

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Skate Park UFO Mystery Solved

Pier Park Skate Park UFO Mystery Solved

Folks stared in amazement at what appeared to be a UFO over Pier Park skate park. You could hear people shouting “no way” and “wooha” as the object passed over head. Fortunately, we were there with camera in tow and snapped a few pics. After hours in the lab and searching frame-by-frame through the images, we were able to solve the mystery. Check it out after the turn. EPM “space oddity” Out!

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Saturday Sessions at Pier

Mike Sheer smith in the corner at Pier Park

Don’t be shallow. Grab your board and head over to Pier Park to add a little depth to your skate repertoire. All the fun begins Saturday at 5pm, so don’t be late. Check out some of last week’s insanity in the gallery that includes Mike S., Mike M., Francis, David, Xavier, Anna, MC and more.

Gallery: Saturday Session @ Pier Park

Pier Pressure

Foto-Friday for August 7, 2009 - Pier Park

Time is running out for those that want to get some practice runs in prior to Sunday’s vert blow-out at Pier Park. It’s going to be a barn burner. Check out KC, MC, Troy, Jeff, Shawn, Chris, Ryan, Grover and more as they dial-in their moves in the gallery. EPM “charging batteries and taking no prisoners” Out!

Tune-Up Sessions @ Pier Park

Hanging Out at Pier

Hang Out at Pier Park

It looks like a great weekend for hanging out and skating your favorite skate spots. So rally around the old skateboard with some friends and leave your troubles behind. Check out a few photos of folks hanging out at Pier Park during a session in the summer of 2007. EPM out!

Disfecta – Pier Out, Tigard In

Disfecta - Pier Out, Tigard In

It seems Pier Park is being left out of the mix for this year’s Trifecta stops. Based on folks positive feedback from last year’s event, it seemed like Pier would be on-lock as a repeat venue. Not to be. This year’s second stop is the ever popular jurassic Tigard Skatepark. Wonder if we will see B.K.’s idea of a kiddie pool full of water on that volcano to spice things up a bit?

Sure will miss Serge floating those massive airs above the lip at Pier Park. Check out a few 3D pics of the pipe and mouse hole after the turn.

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Swims about Pier

Veronica and Mike at Pier Park

If you ride at Pier Park, you might recognize these folks. Veronica and Mike shred Pier on a daily basis. Check out a few pics of the Swims as they get their skate on. EPM Out!

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Sixteen Skateparks in One Day

Sixteen Skatepark on the Sixteenth

Last Saturday was February 16th. What’s so special about February 16th, you ask? Well, it’s the day two skate crews, one in the Southwest and the other in the Northwest, attempted to skate 16 parks in a single day. Get the scoop on the Southwest crew’s adventures over at Old Man Army; it was their big idea.

The Northwest crew focused their efforts on skateparks in and around Portland, OR. It was an exhausting adventure for sure and the concept proved to be more romantic than the actual implementation. Come along on the sixteen park tour after the turn….

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Pre-Pier’fecta ’07 Session

Pre-Pier Trifecta Session

Here are a few shots from the Friday evening session at Pier Park prior to the next day’s Trifecta ’07 event. Check out Dan, MC and Salba after turn….

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