Interstate Love Child

Tempe, Arizona Skatepark

When you mash-up Oregon and Arizona, what do you get? Orezona, of course. Old Man Army’s Orezona(a.k.a. Andy) met us at the Tempe park for an early afternoon session. Thanks Andy and the rest of the O.M.A crew for all the hospitality while we were in Arizona. It was much appreciated.

Let’s hope Andy doesn’t move to Kentucky. Why? Well, then we would have to call him Orezonatucky. Check out Orezona getting his skate on after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Orezona - BS Carve over OMA Stencil @ Tempe

Orezona carving over the OMA stencil in the deep pocket

Orezona - FS 5-0 @ Tempe

Orezona stylin’ a frontside 5-0

Orezona - Calm Grind @ Tempe

Orezona grinding the clam

Orezona - Nollie 180 @ Tempe

Orezona mid-nollie 180

Orezona - FS Ollie Hip @ Tempe

Orezona ollie off the hip

OMA Stencil in Deep Pocket @ Tempe

OMA stencil in the deep pocket

Rich - FS Grind Clam @ Tempe

Rich grinding the clam (Photo: Orezona). See the cartoon at AGP or SnA.

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