Skate Park UFO Mystery Solved

Pier Park Skate Park UFO Mystery Solved

Folks stared in amazement at what appeared to be a UFO over Pier Park skate park. You could hear people shouting “no way” and “wooha” as the object passed over head. Fortunately, we were there with camera in tow and snapped a few pics. After hours in the lab and searching frame-by-frame through the images, we were able to solve the mystery. Check it out after the turn. EPM “space oddity” Out!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Chris Miller - Huge into the Corner @ Pier Park

Chris Miller signature massive frontside air into the corner

Chris Miller - Over the Door @ Pier Park

Flowing with style over the door. Who else but Chris Miller.

Chris Miller - Wally and Andy taking notes @ Pier Park

Wally and Andy taking note as Chris dives into the corner

2 Responses to “Skate Park UFO Mystery Solved”

  • I miss those big airs that pros used to do in bowls.
    Good to see Chris is still boosting.

  • I just dropped into the deep end for the first time today and it was terrifying.

    The thought of getting that much air is simply mind blowing.

    Good on ya, Chris!

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